News : Kipchoge announces that it will run the London Marathon 2020

News :

Kipchoge announces that it will run the London Marathon 2020

Kipchoge, in an image training / Twitter

Well, it seems that we have already ‘set up’ the Eliud Kipchoge calendar by 2020. After announcing that he will be at the Tokyo Olympic Games next July, the Kenyan athlete has confirmed through a video that will run the London Marathon 2020. In this 2019 the African participated in two tests (London and the Challenge INEOS 1:59 in which he went down two hours in marathon), from what we understand, according to what he usually does the last few years, that with the English capital and with Tokyo he will close his calendar for the coming year without surprise .

For his fourth crown in London

In the British country Eliud achieved a few months ago the test record with a mark of 2:02:37, at that time the second best mark in history in the distance after its 2018 record in Berlin (Bekele would knock down the record of Kipchoge in London in Berlin 2019 staying two seconds from the world record). Kipchoge has won the four occasions in which he has participated in the Virgin Money London Marathon and he is definitely going for his fifth crown in 2020.

Eliud has accompanied the video with a brief message on his social networks: “I can't wait to return to London this April. I hope to see you there! ”

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