News : Kipchoge debuts this season without squeezing with 10.5k at 31:28

News :

Kipchoge debuts this season without squeezing with 10.5k at 31:28

Kipchoge is still far from its peak of form

Within this project of the 'NN Running Team' called MA RA TH ON in which some of the best long distance runners of the moment have taken part, such as Cheptegei, Kamworor or Bekele and in which we have been able to see Kilian Jornet doing their first steps in the route, it is good to review the partials and the results of some of them, going ahead that they are in the middle of the preseason and that none of them have gone to fire.

Kipchoge, preseason

Perhaps the one that generates the most media expectation is the only man who has been able so far in history to get down from the two-hour marathon, Eliud Kipchoge. The ‘Philosopher’ stopped the clock at 31:28 and completed the tour together with some fellow fatigues. The challenge, which consisted of completing the 42,195 kilometers of the team marathon (four members who had to travel 10.5 kilometers each), has led the Kenyan to form a relay with a group of Brazilian runners (chosen by lottery), who have I had the pleasure of sharing a team with the best marathoner in history.

Bekele, uneven

Kipchoge has run at 3 ’/ km those 10.5 kilometers on a practically flat circuit (51 meters of positive slope) and, yes, at 2,249 meters in Eldoret, near where he lives. His worst partial, according to the activity he has posted on the Strava network, was the km 8 (3: 07 / km) and the best the last 500 meters that he ran at 2: 49 / km. For his part, 'recordman' world of the 5k en route Joshua Cheptegei has completed 10.5km in 31:58 (3:01 / km), in his case at an altitude of 1,079 meters and with more positive unevenness (85 meters ). MKenenisa Bekele challenged more calmly, completing the distance in 32:57 (3: 08 / km), yes, with a significant positive drop of 195 meters.

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