News : Kipchoge explains how he managed to lose the two hours in the marathon

News :

Kipchoge explains how he managed to lose the two hours in the marathon

Kipchoge, during the photoshoot with GQ / GQ Magazine

We know what our eyesight caught up with and what the organizers of the IN INEOS Challenge 1:59 ’let us know. That a guy named Eliud Kipchoge, the best of all those who had to choose, was designated to carry out a unique challenge in the history of athletics. A millimeter mount and perfectly studied and designed for the human being to descend for the first time after two hours in the 42 kilometers and 195 meters that make up the marathon.

After not reaching it with the famous za Breaking 2 ’of Monza for just 25 ″, the Kenyan faced with more security and with the mistakes that could be made already corrected this new attempt. And everything worked like a charm. Eliud arrived with tremendous levity, the hares (the best long-distance runners in the world) carbureted properly, the 'supersonic' shoes also made their contribution.

The ‘philosopher’ in its purest form

The African has cold analyzed for the magazine ‘GQ Magazine’ how he coped and how he felt for an hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, what he needed to make history. The journalist of the famous publication that travels to the ‘training camp’ in Kaptagat says that he has a more than respectable mark of 2h33 ′ in the marathon, but that can not stand even a mile the hellish rhythm of Eliud and his training partners. "The way to enjoy life is to meet people like you, exchange ideas, opinions, learn from each other," the "philosopher" blurts out at the journalist.

Eliud's ‘planning’ is ‘simple’ (ha!): Comfortable triads on Mondays and Wednesdays, series and high intensity training sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays and una long run of more than 30 kilometers on Thursdays; Sunday rest. “If you have no faith in your training, you have nothing; you don't go to the dictionary to look for the definition of faith, each one has to create their own definition ”, he assures. Eliud spends a short weekend at his home with his wife and three children in Eldoret, about 25 kilometers from where he trains. There he takes care of his farm: "The farm keeps you busy and being busy is important because it makes you feel better."

What is behind a simple brand

“When you see marathoners train and see the results, you don't realize what's behind it. And they are many things. Do not miss a training session because your body will take it into account"Qualifies. "What we are looking for is consistency. Are you really training for all those four months? Are you eating well? Are you with a positive mind? That is what an athlete requires to run very fast ”.

One of Eliud's keys is reading. The ‘training camp’ library is a simple room with several shelves placed between the rooms of the athletes. The Kenyan usually spends one hour in the afternoon and the other after dinner. "I read business books. You can move business to athletics. " To conclude, the African athlete's reflection is lapidary: "I want everyone to treat 'running' as a way of life. I want people to know that at 5 in the morning I need to run 30 minutes. If I get that, I can be a satisfied man. "

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