News : Kipchoge speaks for the first time about his famous Nike Alphafly

News :

Kipchoge speaks for the first time about his famous Nike Alphafly

Kipchoge, during his visit to the Abu Dhabi GP of Formula 1

Eliud Kipchoge offers very few public appearances a year and less in terms of media level. The Kenyan, who this year achieved the test record in the London Marathon (where, by the way, will return in 2020) and in October he got the human being down for the first time in his history of the two hours in marathon (in the famous Challenge INEOS 1:59), has granted a long and juicy interview to the newspaper 'The Telegraph' coinciding with his visit to London to close his participation in the 42 kilometers that will be run in the British capital next April. The African avoids nothing and talks about technology, the Nike Oregon Project, its challenges, hunger, what it meant for him to go down the two hours in the distance of the Philippi for the first time.

An inspiration to the world

"I have shown everyone the way to get off the two hours in the marathon," says Eliud, who adds that "it will not take long until you get off that time in an approved marathon, it will not take 10 years "

On his participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games, although he recently assured that he would like to be part of the starting line in Sapporo, on this occasion Kipchoge was more cautious: “Now I am totally focused on my preparation for London. I only have one mind and two legs and I still feel that necessary fire. Even though I am tired, every morning I get up to run and when I have 10 minutes I already feel the energy. I think I inspired many people with Vienna, many people have changed their minds. I'm still the Eliud of before, the only thing that varies is the mentality. I am stronger than ever. ”

Not a drop of alcohol or a sad hamburger

Asked about whether he celebrated his milestone in the Austrian capital, where he made history, the African man surprises by assuring that he did not taste a drop of alcohol or ate a sad hamburger that night to celebrate it. He is very scrupulous and methodical and dedicated himself to celebrating it with his wife Grace and their children, which melted into a hug with him when he crossed the finish line in Vienna.

“Everyone recognizes me in Vienna. It's crazy, I didn't need a state reception or make a ruin because I was awarded the Kenyan Presidential Cross. Even the president of the country called me before going for a run telling me he was sure I could do it, ”says Eliud.

The person above the shoe

Another hot topic that the Kenyan touches is that of technology, that of the famous shoes he used to get off the two hours and that have caused a 'schism' in the world of athletics: “What makes a human being is your mentality If you don't think you can run fast, even with the best shoes in the world you won't be able to do it. Athletes have realized that they can do certain things to feel like true athletes. I thank Nike for the shoes he made for me, but above all is the person. I will give you an example: in Formula 1 there are 10 teams, with great engineers and magnificent Pirelli tires, but only Lewis Hamilton wins. Why? Because he is focused on it, he is a very professional driver. I met him in Abu Dhabi and I realized that what he earns is not the tire, but the person, ”he says bluntly.

Eliud does not want to enter into controversies especially the 'affair' with the Nike Oregon Project and the sanction against Salazar, but he does talk about Mo Farah and his attempt to go to the marathon (he has announced that he will run the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Games ): “I think he will return stronger to the marathon after those 10,000; It has a personal mark at 2:05, but I'm sure it can run at 2:03"

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