News : Kipchoge warns ahead of the Tokyo Games

News : Kipchoge warns ahead of the Tokyo Games

Kipchoge, in a picture during the London Marathon

After experiencing one of the few (or the only, outright) troubles of his career, Eliud Kipchoge is already psyched up for his next challenges. The Kenyan, eighth in a London Marathon in which what no one expected happened after the world record holder had a ‘free pass’ with the resignation due to injury of Kenenisa Bekele, is already fully into his routine in the Rift Valley Kenyan. Without provisioning himself for almost the entire second half marathon, the world record holder’s face for the distance was far from the usual full of security and ‘peace’ that he usually has. The ‘philosopher’ endured in the leading group until kilometer 37-38, but from that moment Kitata, Geremew, Kipchumba and Lemma smelled the blood and left the king behind.

Preparing his return

Ear problems, which were plugged from almost the start of the test, knocked out a Kipchoge who experienced the worst classification of his career in marathon (he had won everything except second place in Berlin’13). As we said, Eliud is already in Eldoret, back in his usual training routine. In a promotional event, he spoke about how he feels and what is to come. “I will return in a big way, stronger. I will take some time to recover from the defeat in London. I want to move on and focus on the future, ”says Kipchoge.

To Tokyo (Sapporo) 2021

A future that, as far as we know, passes through the Tokyo Olympics. Eliud already has an Olympic gold, the one achieved in Rio de Janeiro’16. The marathon event in Japan will be held in Sapporo (due to the extreme heat expected in the capital). Kipchoge broke a streak of 10 consecutive victories in marathons in London (from 2014 to 2019).

“If you despair, you lose what you have built for many years and lose future opportunities to come back stronger and better. If you train harder and build strength, you go to the track and run another race and rely on the strength you have built up to propel you to another victory.Eliud adds. Without a doubt, he will put more effort than ever to continue reigning.

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