News : Kiplimo, the ‘child prodigy’ from the background who went from hare to make history

News : Kiplimo, the ‘child prodigy’ from the background who went from hare to make history

Kiplimo, after winning the test in Ostrava / AFP

19 years. It seems that the age to go to the bottom does not stop decreasing, season after season. If before it was common for there to be a ‘process’ in which the athlete was molding and passing through the middle ground until landing in the long tests, now those stages have been shortened or have directly disappeared. A phenomenon that has happened for years in the case of Africans. It is becoming less and less abnormal to see Kenyans or Ethiopians running marathons under the age of 25 or succeed in cross-country tests at an absolute level below 20.

Jacob’s shaking

We bring all this to light by what Jacob Kiplimo did in Ostrava the other day. The Ugandan ran the 5,000 at 12.48.63, lowered his personal best by 25 seconds (it was 13.13.64) He beat Selemon Barega (another 20-year-old ‘kid’ who has in his possession the fifth best record in history in the distance with 12.43) and achieved the Record of this Meeting of the Continental Tour Gold.

If to all this we add that Jacob was registered as a hare and that he was to run the first 2,000 at 5:04 and step aside, because it still makes everything more epic. Uganda is emerging recently as a new global fund power. Always in the shadow of Ethiopians and Kenyans, Cheptegei and Kiplimo are part of a new batch that promises to have a lot to say in the hegemony of long-distance events, both on the track and on the road.

A summer to remember

Jacob’s previous mark in 5,000 (that 13.13) was achieved, keep an eye on the data, with 16 years in the Classical Prefontaine. He is not a stranger at all, but he has not been seen much on the track. In the last Cros World Cup he won the silver medal, defeating rivals such as Kamworor (he took 11 seconds) and Barega himself, who was fifth.

With Barega and Kiplimo dropping from 12.50 in Ostrava, there are already four athletes who have done so in 2020 after Cheptegei achieved it recently in Monaco in the world record (12.35) and the Canadian Mo Ahmed in Portland last July (12.47). As reported by the portal ‘Let’s Run’, only in 2012 (six) and in 1997 (five) had more times been downloaded from that record. And there are still months ahead …

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