News : Kipruto debuts in media in Valencia: Can he attack the World Record?

News : Kipruto debuts in media in Valencia: Can he attack the World Record?

Kipruto celebrates his victory in the 2019 Stockholm Diamond League / AFP

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Valencia is just around the corner and from the Stock Exchange of the Corridor we continue analyzing everything that can give if the test in the city of Turia. A marathon and a half marathon of the highest level, possibly one of the best at the level of participants in history. All the ingredients ready to experience historic brands and witness tremendous competitions between dream names. Dince Kenya will travel several top-level athletes. Among them, the group of which Totti Corbalán is part of as coach and coach. Totti already explained his story to us a few months ago and how a pandemic that has devastated the world was being experienced in Kenya. One of the proper names that travels from the Ikaika group is Rhonex Kipruto, world record holder of 10k in Valencia a few months ago and who made his debut in a half marathon.

Motivation to the fullest

“It is true that in terms of training they have the coach in Kenya, but the work I do with them, prevention, strength, we do online. I had to come to Banyoles for personal reasons. But hey, I have Valencia next door and nothing, it is easy to work with these athletes, they are very professional. They are very motivated, it’s Valencia, it’s the last bullet; Until now there was uncertainty, first wave, second wave, we don’t really know how we are going to react, airports, government and such. But hey at this point the organization has maintained that unless there was a total confinement it would be held. And that’s how it will be ”.

Single bullet for many: Pressure?

“The athletes we work with in general are very comfortable, there is no pressure anywhere. When there is a career, they obviously do specific work. The athlete concentrates on the plan he has and is there. It is also true that we are talking about very top athletes and in the case of Kipchumba and Kiplimo they already ran in Houston in February and recently in Prague in the media organized by Adidas they also had time to compete, so it will not be the only bullet ”.

The one that comes in Valencia …

“The truth is that when you see the list … Valencia was already a benchmark, but it is true that the situation is (unfortunately) has made it the last bullet for athletes. Istanbul was celebrated the other day, but they can’t be compared. You see names and times in both half and marathon, women and men, and it will be brutal”.

Kipruto’s debut in the media

“Rhonex’s last competition was in Kenya on the track, which he did 13:33 on a 5,000. From there it has been training, training and training. There was the Continental Tour in Nairobi and in the end it was decided not to go. He continued with the preparation phase for Valencia calmly and is highly motivated and focused on doing a good job”Totti comments.

“The important thing with athletes is to check when they train if they maintain high motivation. If in the end you can control that they do not go very fast when it is not playing and that they are motivated, compete or not … man it is always better to have some competition to keep the spark, but as long as you see that everything is in place there are no problems ”.

Can you dream of a record?

“The truth is that Rhonex is seen from the outside as the athlete to follow, but like the whole group it has been increasing and decreasing in relation to the moment we were in. It only changes that later the rhythms are more specific to him. It is true that when there were no competitions they made more volume, then they pressed a little more. They have managed it very well. Rhonex trains at Saint Patrick’s with Brother Colm as coach and the truth is that very well, he arrives very well I think, he has not had physical problems and has not stopped. The race will tell how far it can go ”.

“I think we never like to put limits on anyone. The 58:01 of Kamworor talk about going to 2:45 a kilometer and it is a lot to say, but In the end the important thing is that you feel comfortable, that you make the best debut you can. In Kenya that transition from 10k to the average is quite simple, they make a lot of volume. People from 1,500 to the marathon do many kilometers. So when they transition the volume is not the problem. They do do more specific beats, track sessions at lower beats, you manage it a bit. “

Let’s go name by name

Philemon Kiplimo:

“Philemon is a young guy, he recently started traveling, he made a mark in Houston, he finished third in Prague at the Adidas event. He is a very calm, calm boy who does what he has to do ”.

Sheila Chepkirui

“Sheila is a girl that we already know he almost broke the world record in Valencia in the 10k in January, he did 29:46. The talent is there. We want people to run very fast on debut now, but it depends on many things. Now that we have been able to prepare a little better, the important thing is that he makes a good transition and improves the Prague brand ”.

Abel kipchumba

“Kipchumba has only run one marathon, last year in Berlin with 2:09:39, so the goal is the same, to improve little by little. You know he’s not going to race you in 2:03 but we like to see him progress. He was 59:29 in average without shoes or anything, not bad at all ”.

Joan Chelimo

“Joan is a super strong athlete, so far she has had a bit of bad luck. In Tokyo she ran in 2:26, ​​but she is a girl who has much more talent than that. He had minor annoyances. This year at RAK the same thing happened, he was physically super good and had to slow down, but he still finished in 66:16; we were prepared to do very well in the Prague Marathon, but the crown appeared. When we saw the opportunity in Valencia we decided to go for it ”.

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