News : Kipsang announces drunk that he is retiring from athletics

News :

Kipsang announces drunk that he is retiring from athletics

Kipsang, during his painful appearance

Kenyan athlete Wilson Kipsang, who was recently suspended for four years by missing three anti-doping tests, has recently announced that he is leaving athletics. Withdraws. He has done so in a regrettable way, before the Kenyan television cameras and in a state of drunkenness more than evident. In a sports newscast of ‘KTN News Kenya’ they have connected with a reporter who was next to the former world marathon designer and asked him several questions about his opinion on the sanction and about his future intentions. It is hardly understood when to speak to Wilson, who even leans on the journalist several times.

"It is made with malice, in a 17 year career I have not given a single positive"

"This is damage done maliciously towards me (...). Throughout all these 17 years of career I have had at least 130 anti-doping tests and I have not given a positive time. If you come to my house and I'm not here, how can you sanction me for four years? I have no intention of running again, I am officially retired“, We come to understand the muddled and almost unintelligible words of the Kenyan athlete born in the Rift Valley, the birthplace of the best long distance runners in history.

Then the Kenyan television journalist asks him about his political intentions (apparently Wilson had expressed his will at some point to go into politics), but there he did it's almost impossible to understand anything and ends up patting the reporter almost unable to express himself. In short, totally unfortunate the end of an athlete who until a few months ago was admired worldwide ...

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