News : Kipsang positive buries the hopes of the last romantics

News :

Kipsang positive buries the hopes of the last romantics

Kipsang crosses the finish line in Berlin 2018 / EFE

Kenyan athlete Wilson Kipsang, a bronze medalist in the 2012 London Olympic marathon, has been provisionally suspended by the Athletics Integrity Unit for repeated failures in communicating his whereabouts and for handling samples.

The 37-year-old Kenyan cannot compete under any circumstances until he receives a final decision on his case at a hearing. Kipsang has won the London Marathon twice, as well as those in Berlin, New York and Tokyo. The African was world record holder of the distance of Philippi with his 2:03:22 achieved in Berlin in 2013 (then he would get his personal mark in the same test three years later) and joins the sounded and recent positives of his compatriot Abraham Kiptum, which achieved the Half-Marathon World Record in Valencia in 2017, and also Sammy Kitwara from Kenya. Another "blow" for lovers of this sport and, more specifically, a distance as mythical as the marathon. Even the most romantic can no longer have 100% blind faith in the brands that are beating in the background at a fast speed.

Three failures in 12 months

In accordance with anti-doping regulations, athletes must inform the authorities of their whereabouts for one hour every day. Three failures in 12 months - not being present at that time, or presenting inaccurate or incomplete information, counts as a failure - leads to an automatic ban.

On its website, the Athletics Integrity Unit, founded in 2017 by the international federation to combat doping, states that "it will adopt a more stringent approach to localization requirements in 2020".

Kipsang is the sixth fastest marathoner in history, with a personal mark of 2h.03: 13, achieved in the one in Berlin in 2016.

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