News : Klose has thrombosis in his legs: “Diagnosis was a shock” – compulsory break

News : Klose has thrombosis in his legs: “Diagnosis was a shock” – compulsory break

Miroslav Klose could have chosen his next employer this summer. The young trainer is in demand on the market and has already been discussed with Fortuna Düsseldorf and the DFB team. Now he explains to the “kicker” why nothing came of it.

“Actually, everything went very well, and I was basically very far in various conversations. But then suddenly something else came up and I now have to take an involuntary break,” Klose tells the “kicker”.

Klose was diagnosed with thrombosis in the legs. “It started almost three weeks ago that I suddenly had severe pain in my leg that I couldn’t assign at all. I then went to our doctors to see me shortly before we went to hotel quarantine with FC Bayern to be examined more closely, since the pain in the leg was getting worse.

Thrombosis forces Klose into the coach break

Klose initially thought it was a “pinched nerve or something,” he says. “The diagnosis was a bit of a shock for me.” The 42-year-old is now painless thanks to the drug treatment. But he still has to wear “those stupid stockings”. “The doctors made it very clear to me that this situation should not be trifled with,” he says.

Because he was ordered to be absolutely quiet, he was not allowed to play football in the training camp with FC Bayern. The horror for the passionate footballer: “I almost went nuts in the training camp. Not being able to kick a game or demonstrate the exercises to the players … simply not being able to do anything actively: It was cruel!”

Klose gives DFB and Flick a rejection

He could only stand on the sidelines and watch out. “I don’t want to and can’t work that way as a coach,” he admits openly. “In the days that followed I realized that I never wanted to start my coaching career in professional football like this. Either properly or not at all. Or a little later. It was clear to me that my health was the first thing to do. Health must now have priority.

Therefore, Klose has now canceled all interested parties. He doesn’t want to start as head coach until he’s really healthy again. “I’m dying to implement my ideas with a team. Continuing to be an assistant coach feels like the wrong way to go,” he says, rejecting Hansi Flick – Klose will not be his assistant for the German national team.

The 2014 world champion wants to make the forced break useful: “I use the time now to sort out everything I have learned for my game philosophy and my organizational structures. Then I attack fully. I can already feel the anticipation for one Activity as head coach. “

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