News : La Behobia-San Sebastián, canceled: Compensations and 2021 edition

News :

La Behobia-San Sebastián, canceled: Compensations and 2021 edition

We will have to wait until 2021 to experience a new Behobia-SS

Despite the fact that in mid-July they announced that the race was still on and that they were adding a virtual option for anyone who wanted it, the truth is that it seemed very very difficult that it could end up being held taking into account the extensive history of great races that have been canceled and the evolution that the pandemic is following. Finally, as everything foreshadowed, the organization announced this Monday, August 31, that Despite having hurried all possible routes, it has decided to cancel the Behobia-San Sebastián edition 2020.

The 'Tour de France' of the 'runners'

Around 30,000 runners meet each year in a test considered the 'Tour de France' of running at a Spanish level due to the tremendous environment and the harshness of a route that is usually 'bathed' by inclement weather , but this time they will have to participate in the virtual edition or save the desire for next year (November 14, 2021).

After the consultations with the relevant institutions and entities, from the Fortuna Sports Club we regret to have to inform that the Behobia-San Sebastián 2020 will not finally be held.

“They have been difficult months, but also of a lot of effort, imagination, analysis, studies and enthusiasm, in which we have worked on a career plan adapted to the situation of the moment. However, right now the latest evolution of the pandemic has too many variables to cope with. For the C.D. Fortuna is essential to guarantee the safety of all the people who make up the Behobia: participants, volunteers, health personnel ... and also that public that turns it into a party. Guaranteeing a completely safe environment for all these people is now out of our reach ”, they have argued in a letter on their website.


The options available to runners who have already registered are the following:

  • - Save registration for 2021 (November 14) or 2022 (November 13)
  • - Request a refund of the registration fee in a maximum of 18 months (deducting € 6 management fees)
  • - Full or partial donation of registration to C.D. Fortune

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