News : La Marató de Barcelona announces its new format for this November

News : La Marató de Barcelona announces its new format for this November

The Marató de Barcelona will experience a special edition virtually

The organization of the test took several days ‘heating’ social networks and preparing the announcement of news for a Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2020 that has been seen, like so many other hundreds of races around the world, directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic . Initially it was to be disputed on March 15, but just a couple of days before the state of alarm was declared in Spain when the virus began to be a very serious problem and spread rapidly through Europe. Nor can it be disputed on the next date that had been assigned (October 25). But it has been wanted that the ‘runners’ from all over the world who were registered or not for this 2020 edition in some way feel linked and have the opportunity, even in a virtual way, to participate in the mythical Barcelona event.

Free and without having to do it at once

The ‘VIRTUAL 42/7 Challenge’ will take place from November 8 to 15. It is about completing the 42,195km but it is not necessary to do it all at onceInstead, the participants have the whole week to reach that figure. Obviously nothing is comparable to the sensation of furrowing the streets of Barcelona and feeling how people tuck us in while we tour the main monuments of the city. But while we wait to recover everything that made us so happy, we have the possibility, free of charge, to continue linked to the Barcelona event.

“Barcelona never stops. And it will move again from November 8 to 15 with the ‘Virtual 42/7 Marató de Barcelona’. A new test concept, adapted to the new health situation and that will allow sporting activity to remain alive in the city ”, said the sports councilor of the city of Barcelona, ​​David Escudé.

Visit the official website to register and get more information:

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