News : Lamdassem vs Carro in a Tast de la Mitja with popular riders

News : Lamdassem vs Carro in a Tast de la Mitja with popular riders

Lamdassem and Carro will meet in Granollers

How eager we have to gradually recover normality. Or at least that the popular racing calendar will move again. Some have been disputed already throughout these months, but the truth is that in a very reduced way and almost by dropper. Few organizers pay to create the entire infrastructure to hold events under these conditions and with current restrictions on participants.

The prospects are beginning, yes, to be somewhat more positive and hopefully this summer things will start to take off. In any case This Saturday, April 24, the traditional ‘Tast de la Mitja’ is disputed, a prelude to one of the most emblematic races on the national calendar such as the Mitja de Granollers. A 10k race included within the RFEA calendar and fully approved. And very unique.

Lamdassem vs. Car

To begin with, highlight the presence of two current national record holders on the starting line, such as Ayad Lamdassem and Fernando Carro. The marathon and 3,000 obstacle record holders, respectively, will face each other in the Catalan city and are undoubtedly the great incentive. In the women’s event, two of the best Spanish long distance runners stand out, such as Elena Loyo and Azucena Díaz.

The profile and characteristics

To reel off the profile of the event a bit, we use the always spectacular breakdown of the ‘Maldito Blog’.

The race will start at 8:45 and it will have six different exits, one for elite and then several more drawers by reputable brands (every 30 seconds). Its great peculiarity is that the first seven kilometers ‘falsollanea’, alternate minimum uphill and flat slopes, and then three kilometers of descent in which it is key to have saved strength to finish ‘killing’ by fire. You have to take into account the wind, since in many sections you are not sheltered and if it makes an appearance it can be an important handicap, more than those slopes that are almost insignificant but before which you have to pay attention and do a smart race .

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