News : Lance Armstrong creates his own team to reconquer the Tour de France –

News :

Lance Armstrong creates his own team to reconquer the Tour de France -

The story of Lance Armstrong with the world of cycling seems to have no end.

The American who was dispossessed of his 7 Tours of France has recently expressed his intention to regain the yellow jersey in Paris. At 48 he seems to have this goal between eyebrow and eyebrow and to show that the thing is going very seriously he has announced the structure of the team he will lead.

Apparently one President Donald Trump's call to the Tour de France organizers, was enough to reduce the sanction to the Texan and dynamit in this way the sounded return of the American to the competition.

The incombustible Lance has declared to be very excited and motivated in view of this new objective. "I will win the Tour with 48 years" "I have been the best and I will continue to be."

The commercial name of the team is not yet known (everything points to the name of “old glories”) but Lance has announced the first members. "I want to return to the highest level and that is why I have to surround myself with the best runners"

Johan Brunyeel and Manolo Saiz will take over the sports direction while cyclists like Floyd Landis, Chris Horner, or George Hincapie are determined to resume their sports career to accompany Lance's good at his last dance.

7 months after the start of the Tour de France it seems that Lance is training harder than ever and fully convinced that he can achieve the goal.

Finally, just comment that if it has come here it is time to look at the calendar and see that today is December 28. Innocent innocent !!

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