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LeBron James - Overruled - Sport

Even the biggest stars are not allowed to do everything they want: LeBron James has to keep the number 23, which the player wanted to pass on, after a word from the supervisor.

Twice 23 is once too much: In the fight for the most coveted jersey number in American basketball sporting goods giant Nike has spoken at least in terms of Los Angeles Lakers a word of power and superstar LeBron James forbidden to leave his usual numerals combination to his new teammate Anthony Davis. As ESPN and Yahoo Sports report, Nike vetoed for financial and production reasons.

The Lakers Jersey with James' name and the number 23 was according to official data of the NBA the league-wide best-selling jersey of the last season - accordingly abundantly Nike pre-produced and printed the number of "King James" on other fan articles. Davis, who switched from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Lakers for the new season, is not among the top 15 sales.

James had agreed to give his new team-mate his ancestral 23 - the legendary number that Michael Jordan had worn for years at the Chicago Bulls - and henceforth run the 6. This had James used in Miami Heat and Team USA. Davis, who was officially introduced on Saturday as a Laker professional, has now decided for the 3.

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