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Leipzig in the DFB team - With best regards - Sport

Three Leipzig in the starting lineup, a scorer: The RB Group in the DFB team is preparing for the League summit against Bayern - only Werner is weak

It should have been given by German national players who celebrated their goals with a somersault. But good, for such a first goal against Northern Ireland that would have been a bit over the top. Anyway, Marcel Halstenberg, on Monday evening only for the fourth time in the jersey of the German national team, raised his fists to the chest shy and then discreetly clapping in the circle of his colleagues - as if he had just not by artistic volley-decrease the 1-0 after before shot a lot of luckless Gemurkse the German team, but promoted the ball in a training match by mistake into the empty net.

"Yeah, well hit," the 27-year-old commented on his feat later with a similar sobriety, "what should I say great?" And that's the way it sometimes works: If you meet well, you really do not need to explain much. It will not be any better anyway.

"I already had my break in the gate," says Werner

From club football perspective offered this Monday night in Belfast a novelty: For the first time were three players from RB Leipzig in the starting XI of Joachim Loew, behind four Bayern they formed the strongest faction - and then headed even a Leipzig with the 1-0 Victory. For striker Timo Werner was rather intended, not the left-back Halstenberg, who had moved into the team for the injured Dortmund Nico Schulz. But it did not matter to the end result. "I was extremely happy inside," said Halstenberg then. His club colleague Lukas Klostermann had given the cross into the penalty area, which extended Julian Brandt by a failed header to Halstenberg. It was a redeeming goal after several sticky situations for the DFB team. Werner ran as one of the first on the scorers Halstenberg to embrace - and he probably did himself quite well.

Because the center forward Werner suffers in the national team currently at a strange completion weakness. Although after his contract extension at RB and tough months of futile waiting for a specific offer of FC Bayern in the Bundesliga last had played big, mutated Werner, 23, against the Netherlands and Northern Ireland to the so-called , Chancentod , "That this was not glamor and glory, is clear," he said in Belfast briefly in the microphones, but he wanted to have recognized a step in the right direction. Then he became verbally even a bit belligerent. On Saturday evening meets in the league so Leipzig as leaders on the Bayern. "I had my break in the two caps, now you can meet against Bayern again," said Werner a bit cumbersome - and even laughed a little.

That the German national team no longer consists only of a majority of Munich and Dortmund, is a reflection of the Bundesliga: With three victories, the Leipzig have started there, already in the 4-0 against Union Berlin Halstenberg was among the scorers. In youth, he was still allowed to make his mark as a striker, he then slipped back on stages at Hannover 96 II, Borussia Dortmund II and FC St. Pauli backwards. In 2015, the Leipzig brought him, in 2017 Löw appointed him to the national team - as the native of Lower Saxony was already 26. A triple hand fracture (after crash with the post) and a cruciate ligament tear (after collision in training with a colleague) put Halstenberg long time out of action, he missed the 2018 World Cup. But if there is a chance for late talent in the DFB-Elf, then probably right now.

"On Saturday, I'll knock you in, too," announces Gnabry

Of the colleagues in the German team, which are their competitors in the league, the Leipzig are considered with an appropriate mix of rivalry and banter. "The Serge came to his gate to me and said: 'On Saturday, I also give you a'," reported Halstenberg from Munich Serge Gnabry, who had scored the 2: 0. Halstenberg's answer: "I definitely prevent that." For the goal shooting Timo Werner is planned again on Saturday.

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