News : Leroy Sané: Bayern have 4 options – but only one makes sense

News :

Leroy Sané: Bayern have 4 options - but only one makes sense

Poker for the Munich wish player: Four options remain the FC Bayern Sané, but only one really makes sense

After weeks of tug-of-war, Leroy Sané's transfer seems to be over for now. Or does Bayern oblige the winger anyway? The Munich have four options with their wish player.

Instead of preparing for the opening match of Bundesliga season 19/20 against Hertha BSC on his training ground at Säbener Straße, Leroy Sané has to undergo a knee surgery after Bayern's wishful opponent in the English Supercup against Liverpool suffered a cruciate ligament injury ,

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The Munich had chosen the 23-year-old winger to their transfer destination number one. After the serious knee injury, the question now arises, how the further approach of Munich looks at Sané. Should one still buy the national player, wait for the injury or cancel the transfer altogether? Bayern now have four options in the Causa Sané.

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1. FC Bayern Sané committed despite injury immediately

The Munich could commit the Edeltechniker despite the Kreuzbandanrisses immediately, but Bayern had until 2 September time. To emphasize the interest in the player now despite a long injury break, Sané would also show how much you really would like to have him in Munich.

In addition, Bayern could hope for a reduction in the required transfer fee (estimated 145 million euros). Sané will probably return to the pitch again in February and City can hardly help due to the backlog of training during the decisive season. Since the contract of the national player expires in 2021, the transfer fee could still be reduced.

Of course, an immediate transfer would also entail risks. Should you make a record transfer if the player has to pause for six months? Will Leroy Sané be the same after the serious injury? And does it allow the current Munich squadrons at all to get a player who is not immediately available?

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2. Bayern bring Sané in the winter of 2019/20

This option is quite possible, but can be considered the least likely. It is hard to imagine that Sané will be treated by City's medical team for the first few months - and then by the people of Munich.

In addition, Bayern could not understand how Sané comes back from the injury break. From a price point of view, there would probably not be the largest remission of the originally required 145 million euros.

3. Bayern take Sané in the summer of 2020 under contract

This variant seems the optimal solution to be - at least for Bayern. One could quietly observe the recovery process of Sané and would take no risks with regard to it. In addition, the transfer fee will definitely fall in the coming summer, as Sané goes into his then last year of the contract.

At the same time, one could strengthen the current squad and would not be dependent on a previously injured player. Another loan could bridge the coming season, e.g. is a one-year commitment by Philippe Coutinho (FC Barcelona) in the room.

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4. Sané does not come to Bayern

It is still conceivable that Leroy Sané has used Bayern only as a means of pressure to provide better conditions for a contract extension in Manchester. If the Munich do not now push for an immediate purchase or Sané does not convey that you plan with him at the latest next summer, it is quite possible that the 23-year-old extended his expiring contract.

Already during the negotiations Sané seemed torn between a change to Munich. Manchester City will certainly be working hard on the winger during the injury break for a contract extension. If the Bavarians are still interested in a Sané-Tranfer, the Munich may not break the negotiations. You still have to ensnare the player and negotiate with City about possible transfer fees.

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