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Leroy Sané to Bayern? These people have the biggest influence on him

Neither Pep, nor Hoeness: These persons have the greatest influence on a Sané transfer to Bayern

FC Bayern would like to see national player Leroy Sané as one of the successors of Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben. But no decision has been made yet. The biggest influence on the player anyway have people from outside football.

When the future of Leroy Sané will decide is still unclear. Currently, the player is on vacation to recover from the grueling season in which the winger has completed a total of 58 games for Manchester City and the DFB team. Bayern wants Sané, but there were no concrete talks, according to "Sport Bild" so far.

The question with Sané is not only when decides which jersey he will wear in the future, but also who has the last word. In the end, only he himself can decide whether to change, but there are some people who have a big impact on the 23-year-old. In this list, neither Uli Hoeneß nor his current coach Pep Guardiola can be found at the top.

Leroy Sané: Who is the right contact for FC Bayern?

First of all, Sané's advisor should be mentioned here, although the first problem already occurs: it is not clear who actually advises the youngster. While his mother Regina Weber-Sané was said to be the main person responsible for the transfer from Schalke 04 to Manchester City, it is currently unclear who is the right person to contact.

On "Sport Bild" demand called Weber-Sané and her husband, Leroys father Souleyman Sané, on the sidelines of the match in Mainz against Estonia no name: "There is currently nothing to say from our side." In 2016, the consultant agency of Jürgen Milewski, in which Papa Sané is now employed, should have been decisively involved. In contrast to the "Skyblues", Leroy Sané is said to have named a completely different contact: The management of David Beckham.

"Becks" himself is said to have been at the table five weeks ago at a meeting with Sané junior. The player then hired the agency on its own initiative to better represent its interests. That seems to be known to the Bavarians: Hasan Salihamidzic is probably in contact with their colleague Simon Oliveira. "Hasan Salihamidzic leads the talks here," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge the "world" a few weeks ago. Sanes thrust probably pleases one person above all: girlfriend Candice Brook.

Who has more influence on Leroy Sané: mom or girlfriend?

While Mama Regina Weber-Sané would like to bring the Filius closer to him to have more influence on him, Brook does not want to give up life in England so easily. The relationship between the woman at his side and his mother is said not to be the best. But not only in the family there are people who could influence Sané's decision.

In the DFB team, Sané should now feel much better than at the beginning of his time there. The contact with many established players should have been difficult because he showed star attitudes. To the players of the young generation like Kai Havertz, Julian Brandt or Serge Gnabry, the 23-year-old maintains a better relationship. His closest friends in the team come from the so-called "Bling Bling" group.

Leroy Sané and his friends from the Bling Bling faction

In addition to ex-Bayer Emre Can and Antonio Rüdiger also counts Jerome Boateng, who is currently still at Bayern and contract. In spite of signs of separation, there has been a great deal of restraint in this staff since speculation about transferring Mats Hummels. Will Boateng be held to make Sané taste better?

The Hummels change could also help financially with a transfer. The estimated 14 million euro salary of Hummels falls away, which leaves more room for maneuvering for Sané. Here is speculated about a year's salary of 20 million. From the house that he shares with teammate and buddy Ilkay Gündogan in Manchester, Sané but then would have to move out and leave his city friends Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling. Whether Sané dares to take this step?

Sponsor Elgert: Sané and Hoeneß would get along

Sané would definitely work for Bayern - says Norbert Elgert, his sponsor from Schalke's youth, the "Sport Bild". "If he made that decision, that would not be a mistake," says Elgert, who fears no problems at all for Sané in Munich. This is mainly due to one person: Uli Hoeneß.

"I believe that Uli Hoeneß likes players like Leroy, he has always got along with players who are not in a good way adapted," said the Schalke youth guru and calls Kahn, Basler, Ribery and Schweinsteiger as examples. "Uli Hoeneß would be fine with Leroy."

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