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Lewis Hamilton - Focusing on Silverstone - Sports

  • The Formula 1 race at Silverstone has only a future, if Lewis Hamilton continues to perform well and provides the necessary glamor.
  • The British driver shows up last vulnerable and speaks of moments in which he is uncertain.

By Elmar Brümmer, Silverstone

Heroes, nothing but heroes. It is not difficult for the creators of the British Grand Prix program to fill 166 glossy pages. When it comes to the ten world champions from the island, or the 14 local heroes who won at Silverstone, then Lewis Hamilton, who won five times in both categories. And even if it is enumerated for now, then the national pride over James Bond and his sports car will be satisfied.

The advertisers are consistent very british, For example, the paintbrush used to dip the McLaren racing cars in orange is advertised. All with the blessing of Prince Michael of Kent, who serves as patron of British motorsport excellence, and now also praises the extension of the races at Silverstone. The sport plays nine billion pounds a year - but the alleged 20 million pounds, which have to be transferred annually by 2024 for the right to vote, but easy to shell out. But that is deceptive, the organizers are often the losers in the thriving racing business. After all, on the 70th anniversary of the premier class, you are now safe. And if competitor London should organize a road race, then only at a time distance to the traditional race in Silverstone.

Tradition, audience and a magnet

Liberty Media, the owner of the Formula 1 rights, comes from Hollywood, which is the opposite of Silverstone, a route that runs around a former World War II airfield. Here fascinates an old, grown environment. It becomes clear why Liberty struggles with American methods to sell motorsport fantasies. Even in Miami, the dreams could not be realized, now Hanoi in Vietnam is the first new race in the calendar. In addition, the return of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in May 2020 will be sold as a "new beginning". But here, too, the traditionalists of the sport are kept in a good mood, seeing more and more races fall into the hands of despots, while the real driver's tracks disappeared.

Formula 1 Silverstone is the exception in Formula 1

Silverstone is the exception in Formula 1

Entrance to Formula 1 has who pays. But leaving the traditional location at your doorstep is something the owners of the troubled racing series can not afford.Comment by Philipp Schneider

In Zandvoort, as in Silverstone, the wisdom is confirmed that successful local pilots make the best stories, the glamor of Formula 1 only provides the necessary framework. The uproar around Max Verstappen in the Netherlands is reminiscent of the one around Michael Schumacher in Germany 20 years ago. Or to those around Hamilton in Silverstone: The number of viewers exceeds the six-digit limit.

Hamilton is becoming more and more popular, although last year he got into trouble with his hometown Stevenage in the north of London. The Vorstädter saw their place as a slum denigrated, which is why the racer continues to speak about his origins in the simplest circumstances, but no longer dramatized. Furthermore, he thanked the audience after each race on the podium, even if the Ferraristi whistle him. The Briton currently offers the best show, he also has acting talents - so is an ideal cast for the industry.

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