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Limit an e-bike - is it worth it? pros and cons

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The sector of the electric bikes It continues to grow and e-bikes are more fashionable than ever. The arrival of this type of bicycle on the market has meant a real commercial revolution, both for the mechanical and technological impact and for the direct impact on a specific middle-aged public that until recently it was unthinkable to enjoy cycling as and As you can do today.

Electric bicycles appeared a few years ago but it has not been until the last two when a really important jump has been noticed in terms of quality and performance. Without going any further, the improvement in battery autonomy is something that users had been demanding for some time and the truth is that brands have put the batteries in this direction.

In this same line another issue that awakens and generates some debate in recent times is the possibility of limit electric bicycles. Remove the speed limiter It is something that the official brands do not recommend but that more and more users dare to do it thanks to the kits and tutorials that circulate on youtube in which it is explained step by step how to limit an e-bike.

Limit e-bike - bicycle electric


-Higher speed: This is undoubtedly what all those who want to limit their electric bicycle are looking for. The speed increase in flat and downhill terrain is notorious and the typical false flat that choked and in which you found it impossible to exceed 30 km / h will now seem like a descent.

-Set up your partners: Those who should start worrying with this little "extra" help are your training partners. If you stayed in a platoon line when the most favorable part arrived, now they will be the ones who will suffer at your wheel. Do not go over and warn of your "mechanical doping" not going to think that you have reached the peak in a couple of exits.

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The electric bicycle market does not stop growing year after year. Photo: Haibike FB


-Lower autonomy: Do not have any doubt that the limitation of your e-bike will have important consequences on the autonomy of your bike. The engine will be running for a longer time so the battery will have a much shorter duration. Also, since it is an unofficial modification, it is likely that you will find it difficult to make an accurate estimate of the remaining autonomy.

-Loss of warranty: If the manufacturer notices an unofficial modification in the engine you will automatically lose the warranty, so unless you want to play with fire I recommend that you leave the inventions for the scientific community. The brand will always rub your hands in case of any incident with a modified engine.

-Engine wear: The engine will run for a longer time thus increasing its wear. The electrical requirement will be greater and this may have a more than likely impact on the product's shelf life.


Making a global assessment of the pros and cons the conclusion can not be other than that of do not recommend the delimitation of electric bicycles.

Obviously we are facing a real candy because tell me ... who does not want to roll faster with the same effort ?. I am convinced that practically everyone would answer yes to this question. But what should be clear is the risks and the price that can be paid to win all this.

The loss of guarantee can be little if we compare it with the damages that the cyclist can suffer. Without going any further, a cyclist exploded the bicycle in full ascent a few days after he modified his conventional Pinarello bicycle with an external electric motor.

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The improvement in battery autonomy represents a great leap in quality for the e-bikes sector

As we see if the brands do not recommend doing this type of inventions it is for something. The engines are perfectly closed so Forget completely practicing homemade mechanics tricks with your e-bike.

Also if cycling is your hobby and a healthy way to spend the free time you earn going 4 or 5 kilometers per hour faster? Pride? Are you going to breastfeed before the rump because you got a fake KOM?

Above what you have to be clear is that limiting your bike does not imply an increase in speed on some terrain. The power of the motor (about 250 watts maximum approximately) remains so that in steep climbs the time will be very similar to what you would get with a normal e-bike. The great improvement you will notice in the flat and downhill terrain where your conventional e-bike stopped applying power when you exceeded 25 kilometers per hour. Now the bicycle will continue to use the electric motor and provide an extra boost also in these types of terrain.

In short though limit the electric bicycle It is an increasingly recurring option I do not recommend doing so and in my opinion health and social awareness should prevail with great respect for road safety.

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