News : List of summoned from Spain for the European of Silesian National Teams

News : List of summoned from Spain for the European of Silesian National Teams

Aauri Bokesa and Mechaal, two of the spearheads of the Spanish team

Oscar Husillos, current European champion of the 400 meters on the indoor track, and Ana Peleteiro, silver in the triple jump event in the Europeans in room, will lead the Spanish team in the European Championship for national teams that will be held on May 29 and 30 in the Polish town of Chorzow.

Along with Husillos, selected for the 4 × 400 relay, and Peleteiro will also be part of the Spanish team other two medalists in the European indoor track disputed last March: Jesús Gómez, who hung the bronze in 1500, and Adel Mechaal, which occupied the third step of the podium at 3,000.

The Spanish team, which will have twenty-five men and twenty-five women, will try to improve in Chorzow the sixth place achieved two years ago.

Madrid will host the event in 2023

Spain, which will organize the European Championship for national teams in 2023 in Madrid, He will compete for the title with teams from Poland, defending champions, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ukraine and Portugal.

The best classification of the Spanish team in the European Championship for national teams, heir to the previous European Cup, occurred in 2017 when Spain occupied the fifth final position.

Male team: Sergio López (100 m), Jesús Gómez (200 m), Samuel García (400 m), Mariano García (800 m), Jesús Gómez (1,500 m), Adel Mechaal (3,000 m), Carlos Mayo (5,000 m), Fernando Carro (3,000 m hurdles), Asier Martínez (110 m hurdles), Jesús David Delgado (400 m hurdles), Ángel Torrero (height), Isidro Leyva (pole), Eusebio Cáceres (length), Pablo Torrijos (triple jump), Carlos Tobalina (weight), Lois Maikel Martínez (disc), Javier Cienfuegos (hammer), Odei Jainaga (javelin), Sergio López, Jesús Gómez, Pablo Montalvo, Pol Retamal and Daniel Rodríguez (4 × 100 m), Samuel García, Bernat Erta , Manuel Guijarro, Óscar Husillos and Lucas Búa (4 × 400 m)

Female team: María Isabel Pérez (100 m), Paula Sevilla (200 m), Aauri Lorena Bokesa (400 m), Esther Guerrero (800 m), Marta Pérez (1,500 m), Lucía Rodríguez (3,000 m), Blanca Fernández (5,000 m) , Irene Sánchez-Escribano (3,000 m hurdles), Teresa Errandonea (100 m hurdles), Sara Gallego (400 m hurdles), Claudia Conte (height), Malen Ruíz de Azua (pole), Fátima Diame (length), Ana Peleteiro ( triple jump), María Belén Toimil (weight), Paula Ferrándiz (disc), Laura Redondo (hammer), Arantza Moreno (javelin), María Isabel Pérez, Paula Sevilla, Carmen Marco, Jaël Bestué and Aitana Rodrigo (4 × 100 m) ; Aauri Lorena Bokesa, Andrea Jiménez, Bárbara Camblor, Nerea Bermejo and Laura Bueno (4 × 400 m).

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