News : Liverpool FC was interested in migrating Llorente

News :

Liverpool FC was interested in migrating Llorente

The uncle and adviser to the migrated to Atlético Marcos Llorente reveals that also the Liverpool FC interested in a commitment. For the honest words of Real Madrid coach Zinédine Zidane be thankful.

"Zidane predicted Marcos little play practice"

MADRID. No false promises, but plain text. Although coach Zinédine Zidane is planning the future of Real Madrid without him, felt Marcos Llorente a certain gratitude to him - because he was enlightened during the last weeks of the season 2018/19 and therefore early got the opportunity to reorientate himself. Recently, the 24-year-old Spaniard moved to Atlético for 40 million euros.

"Zidane has expressed himself very clearly to Marcos. He told him that he would get little match practice, it would be better that he leaves. You have to thank him for the honesty "said Julio Llorente, uncle and also consultant, to the radio stations ONDA CERO and CADENA SER: "Of course it's hard, because no one likes it when the boss says he does not want him. That was hard for Marcos. But he is mature and has accepted this with optimism. He is a positive person and looks to the future. "

"Talks with Atlético started two months ago"

At the beginning of May, the four-eye conversation between player and coach was said to have come. "From that moment on, I started working, contacting other clubs to explain the situation to them. One of them was Atlético. The talks started two months ago ", said the 53-year-old.

"Marcos was not Liverpool's priority"

Also Champions League triumphant Liverpool FC had the central midfielder on the note: "But Liverpool have occupied this position well and therefore did not make Marcos a priority. Atlético was convincing in the end. I think it's a good decision and I hope Marcos will do very well there. "

This article was written by Filip Knopp

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