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Liverpool in the Supercup - Klopp sings, cheers and dances - sports

  • Liverpool FC win the European Supercup against Chelsea on penalties.
  • Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp celebrates the triumph hilariously.
  • He attaches particular importance to winning the trophy.

Jürgen Klopp seemed to have the most energy left. At 00:43 clock the coach of Liverpool broke away from the crowd of players and coaches on the sidelines and sprinted with triumphant fist and gaping mouth to goalkeeper Adrián to. The effort Klopp's face-to-face over half a field of play was a tribute to his keeper's decisive save against Tammy Abraham of Chelsea on the European Supercup penalty shootout. Out of breath, he fell into Adrián's arms. As if this gesture would not be enough as thanks, Klopp later shouted as loud as he could in the interview to the microphone of the station BT Sport: "Aaadriaaaaaan". The roar had referred to the movie character Rocky Balboa. In this way, Rocky desperately tried to call his wife Adriana after a boxing match. On the other hand, it was a pure joy cry for Klopp - over the first title of the new season.

In his 800th competitive game as Proficoach (410 wins, 200 draws, 190 defeats) Klopp has won by Liverpool 7: 6 (2: 2, 1: 1) on penalties over league rival Chelsea as the first German coach the Supercup. This cup is played annually between the winner of the Champions League (Liverpool) and the Europa League (Chelsea). From the front Klopp led his team on the lap of honor: laughing, singing and dancing. The atmosphere in the Besiktas Park with party music, light effects and stuffy sultriness resembled a nightclub where nobody wanted to think about the next morning. He was particularly impressed by the winning song "We Are The Champions", Klopp said: "I've always liked the song, but I rarely had any reason to feel that way." It's great today, to be honest. "

International football

Referee Stéphanie Frappart

"We're not scared"

At the European Super Cup, Frenchman Stéphanie Frappart is the first woman to whistle at a major Uefa game in men's football. Jürgen Klopp speaks of a "historical moment".By Tim Brack

After one of six lost finals in a row, Klopp, 52, is now in the process of increasing his portfolio of trophies - he has now won seven titles in total with his clubs. Even at the trophy Klopp could not wait for captain Jordan Henderson finally held the trophy up. The team celebrated the club's fourth success in the competition after 1977, 2001 and 2005, as never before had a team cheered for the trophy. Not even the pink confetti with which the Reds, the Reds were snowed in was disturbed. In many clubs, the Supercup at the beginning of the season often merely the value of another test run. Not so on Wednesday, when Liverpool and Chelsea delivered a nearly three-hour argument on the pitch. Up to the fifth shooter on penalties were both equal. Then met Mohamed Salah; Abraham failed on Adrián's right foot. In December, the Premier League runner-up could be crowned with the next award when the continental winners play the club world champion in Qatar.

Klopp: "Adrián is a decent personality, even louder in the cabin than me"

The recent Istanbul break joins Liverpool in the memorable triumph in the premier class 14 years ago in the same city. Despite a 0-3 at half time the Reds managed in a duel with AC Milan equalizer. On penalties, Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek took center stage with three penalties. And now it was returning to the Turkish metropolis with Adrián, 32, again the goalkeeper who became the man of the match at Liverpool. "What a story! He has shown sensational parades," Klopp said: "Adrián is a decent personality, even louder in the cabin than me." Only through the calf injury of the main goalkeeper Alisson Becker at the weekend in the league start against Norwich City (4: 1) moved Adrián. Liverpool have signed on to the undocumented Spaniard, whose contract expired at West Ham United in the summer, only a week and a half ago - in response to the departure of replacement goalkeeper Simon Mignolet to Bruges. "That was crazy seven days, I'm just so happy," said Adrian. In extra time, he had still the penalty for 2: 2 by Jorginho (101.) in debt, after Sadio Mané had shot out a lead with his second goal (95.).

In the regular season, Liverpool meanwhile continued the trend from the first two competitive games, not to be quite in the process of phase in defense work. As the best defense of the league, the players obviously trust each other too much in the assumption, one will already stop the attack of the other team. On several occasions, however, no one stopped the opposing offensive actions, as in the opening goal for Chelsea by Olivier Giroud (36). In order to bring his players back up and running, Klopp has to help verbally at the moment. But as soon as the Reds want to know it, hardly any opponent can keep up. Chelsea had to see that, which equaled the compensation by Mane (48.) right after the restart. However, the extra layer in extra time could not prevent this, on Saturday already waiting for the away game at Southampton FC.

Only just before 2:30 clock left the workforce of Liverpool in the bus the stadium. Jürgen Klopp was the last to finish, about six hours after the team arrived. Argue much longer, the party night could not have failed. Sunrise would have been in Istanbul at 06:13.

International football The new player saves Klopp the trophy

The new one saves Klopp the trophy

Goalkeeper Adrián has been with Liverpool just nine days. In the penalty shootout of the Supercup against Chelsea he becomes a celebrated man.By Tim Brack

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