News : Liverpool – Norwich City live: Klopp and his “Reds” break up the promoted

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Liverpool - Norwich City live: Klopp and his "Reds" break up the promoted

At 9 pm the starting signal for the 28th Premier League season will be given! Liverpool FC welcome surprise striker Norwich City with German coach Daniel Farke. For Jürgen Klopp it is the start of the mission English Champion. The match in the live ticker.

Liverpool vs Norwich City 4: 1 (4: 0)

1: 0 Hanley (ET, 7th), 2: 0 Salah (19th), 3: 0 van Dijk (28th), 4: 0 Origi (42nd), 4: 1 Pukki (64th)

Liverpool: Alisson (Adrián, 38) - Alexander Arnold, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson - Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Henderson - Salah, Firmino (Milner, 86), Origi (Mané, 74)

Norwich: Krul - Aarons, Hanley, Godfrey, Lewis - McLean, Trybull (Hernandez, 70) - Buendia, Stiepermann (Leitner, 59), Cantwell - Pukki (Drmic, 83)

22:56: That's it! Referee Oliver ends this game. Thanks to a strong first half, Liverpool wins a very deserved 4-1 win over Norwich City, even though the up-and-coming star has shown himself courageous and committed.

final whistle

90th minute: It is the final minute, there are two minutes on top.

88th minute: Norwich runs again, Hernández organizes on the left edge of the box a little dance, but can not get past two men.

86th minute: Klopp also changes again. James Milner replaces Firmino.

85th minute: Liverpool gets a free kick from a central position of 17 meters. Alexander-Arnold is aiming for the right corner, but Krull is there to steer the standard around the post.

83 minutes: Farke uses the third change and brings Josip Drmic for Pukki.

82nd minute: Henderson drives the ball through the midfield with speed and then passes for Robertson. However, the pass gets a little too long and ends up in the end. Kick Norwich.

80th minute: Free kick for the newcomer. Buendia tries it directly, but the shot lands in the arms of Adrián.

Mané comes

79th minute: You have to leave Norwich. They are still playing courageously forward. Do not tie anything in the back and hope for God!

76th minute: Mané installs himself and dribbles to the baseline, from where he fits the ball dangerously into the back space. Henderson, however, comes one step too late, Norwich can clarify.

74th minute: There is the change! Mané enters the green with great applause, while Origi may be celebrated for a strong performance.

72nd minute: The runner-up understands - and rips the game back to itself. On the outside line Sadio Mané is ready.

70th minute: The next change at Norwich: Onel Hernández comes for Trybull in the game.

67th minute: Norwich is playing a lot better here now and is coming to odds, also because Liverpool is now losing the final consequence.

Pukki operates cosmetics

64 minutes: Tooor for Norwich! And there is the hit. Buendia is in the last moment for Pukki, the Finn remains ice cold in front of Adrián and pushes the ball into the far corner. Only 4: 1!

63rd minute: Leitner fits in well. Norwich skillfully combines on the right side in the Liverpooler sixteen. Leitner passes Wijnaldum and bangs the leather at the crossbar. A sign of life.

61st minute: Liverpool can now take it a bit easier. The first row does not kickstart Norwich's setup quite so early. Take a breather for the underdog.

59th minute: Farke reacts and brings Moritz Leitner for Stiepermann. It is becoming more defensive.

58th minute: The next opportunity for the "Reds". After a free-kick from the half-field, Norwich can clear the ball only at the feet of Robertson. The defender does not hesitate and pulls off from about 20 meters. The ball passes a good two meters past the box.

Liverpool pushes

54th minute: Liverpool now gains chances every minute. Norwich loses the ball in forward gear and Salah picks up speed. He moves into the penalty area and sights the long right corner. Just over!

52nd minute: Again it's about Alexander-Arnold. The full-back runs through to the baseline and shoots from an acute angle on goal. Krull steers the shot past the post. The next corner fizzles.

48th Minute: Giant double chance for Liverpool. First Krull steers a conclusion of Henderson from scarcely ten meters just so on the crossbar, then makes Alexander-Arnold the ball again sharp and fits into the fives. Krull is beaten, Firmino gets the ball but not under control and brings in yet somehow on goal. Post!

47th minute: The coaches sent their teams back to the pitch unchanged. It remains to be seen if Norwich will act a little more defensively so as not to get completely under the wheels here.

46th. Minute: Continue in Liverpool! Previously, the restart had been delayed by a few minutes due to technical problems in referee communication.


21:48: Break at Anfield Road! Liverpool lead 4-0 against Norwich City. The lead is definitely earned, albeit very bitterly for Farke and his men, because the "Reds" have refined every chance. It will be a long second half.

45th minute: There are three minutes on top. For Norwich it can not go fast enough into the break.

44th minute: Every shot of the Liverpooler lands here in the opposing box. Norwich is too passive in the fourth goal. Alexander-Arnold may flank undisturbed, Origi can guess the proximity of the opponent maximum. That's a clear story so far.

Alisson injury and origi-gate

42 minutes: Tooor for Liverpool! Now it's getting really bad for Norwich. Alexander-Arnold chips the ball from the half-field into the penalty area and Origi heads the ball into the far corner. No chance for Krull.

Minute: The Brazilian number one must actually down! Under applause Alisson leaves the lawn, he must be supported by the caretaker. Adrián will now guard the box of "Reds".

36th minute: Alisson is on the ground and needs to be treated. The Brazilian slipped away during the kick and apparently injured. Spare keeper Adrián is getting ready.

32nd minute: So courageous and committed here the climber acts forward. On the defensive this is for the most part so far mildly very careless. Liverpool is always dangerous at the gate of Krull.

28 minutes: Toooor for Liverpool! This is ice cold from the "Reds". Salah brings a corner into the center, where defender Virgil van Dijk rises highest and heads to 3: 0.

25 minutes: The next opportunity for the climber. Norwich combined well in front of the penalty of the Liverpooler and Stiepermann takes the ball by dropkick. Alisson has to stretch a bit!

24th minute: This is really bitter for Norwich. Liverpool will face the first two chances, while the underdog will miss his opportunity.

22nd minute: On the other side, the newcomer Pukki has a great chance for a quick response. But first the striker fails on the advancing Alisson, then raises the assistant's flag. Offside.

Own goal Norwich, Salah increased

19 minutes: Tooor for Liverpool! Salah raises for the "Reds". Norwich gets the ball in the penalty area not decisively clarified. In the end, Firmino gets through for the Egyptian.

15 minutes: Suddenly Pukki has a clear shot in Liverpool's penalty area, but the Finn hesitates too long and Alexander-Arnold gets his leg in between.

13 minutes: Liverpool squeezes early as usual and puts Norwich under such pressure. The "Canaries" do not get beyond the midline.

10 minutes: How does Norwich react to this early backlog? Liverpool has completely seized the game and pushes the promoted into his own half. It's going to be a tough night for Farke and his team.

7th Minute: Toooor for Liverpool! That was fast. Origi brings the ball into the fivefold, where Norwich captain Hanley unhappily steers the ball into its own net. Bitter for the outsider!

5th minute: Norwich answers immediately. Pukki wins the ball on the outside line and fits in the back area, where Stiepermann comes free to the shot. Clearly over the box of Alisson!

3rd minute: First corner of the game! And that goes to Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold puts the ball in the middle, but Norwich can clear.

1st minute: By the way, referee of the game is Michael Oliver.


1st Minute: It starts, the ball rolls! Norwich stumbles. The fans sing "You'll never walk alone". Gooseflesh mood is announced.

20:55: Barely five minutes left to kick off the 28th Premier League season. The mood on Anfield is already very exuberant.

20.50 clock: One more thing for the statistics chest: Today DivoK Origi, the replacement for Mané, celebrates his 100th competitive match in the dress of the "Reds". Perhaps the striker will present himself with a goal against Norwich.

20.40 clock: And for all statistics fans among us: The last time Liverpool met for the start of Norwich was in 1976. The end is well known: Liverpool became champion. So a good omen for Klopp?

20:32: On the other side: Liverpool FC with Jürgen Klopp, who finally wants to get the league title to Anfield this season. 30 years is the last triumph of the "Reds" meanwhile ago. In the past season, it was only enough for second place despite 97 counters.

Klopp without mane

20:26: Ralf Fährmann, Christoph Zimmermann, Philip Heise, Tom Trybull, Moritz Leitner, Marco Stiepermann, Onel Hernandez and Dennis Srbeny all have eight German players in his squad. Ferryman changed only this summer by loan from FC Schalke 04 to the "Canaries".

8:20 pm: What can be expected from the newcomer from Norwich today? Farke and his men were dominating possession football last season. A style of play that the club does not want to change in the Premier League, as Farke emphasized in an interview with "Sport Bild".

20:11: The lists are here! As expected, Jürgen Klopp renounces Sadio Mané. The Senegalese got into the training of the "Reds" late because of the African Cup. On the side of Norwich Teemu Pukki storms from the beginning. The Finn is likely to be a term from Schalke times.

6 pm: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online to the Premier League prelude between Liverpool and Norwich City.

The complete Premier League exclusively on Sky (Display)

After the Champions League victory and a second place in the championship with 97 (!) Points, the goal for the new season is clear: After almost 30 years without English championship Jürgen Klopp should now judge with his team.

For Norwich and his German coach Daniel Farke, however, this game should be a first location in the English upper house.

Who comes up with such an idea?

The mood could be significantly better with Jürgen Klopp. That just his "Reds" have to contest the season opener, does not suit him at all. "Our last game against the Spurs (the Champions League final, editor's note) was three weeks after everyone else had their last game," he scolded, "and now we're playing the first game such an idea? That's crazy. "

His counterpart Daniel Farke is only moderately looking forward to the appointment. Not because of the preparation time, but rather because he would probably like to meet at another time of the season on Liverpool.

This will be a board

"The whole world is watching, and we're playing with a team that has not lost a home game in two and a half years, it's going to be a board," he told Sky, adding, "If you're allowed to vote, you would Such a game (...) only between two Champions League games, if the guys are not so totally focused. "

The parallels: Interesting is also the Dortmund past, which connects both coaches. While Jürgen Klopp's seven years in the Westfalenstadion should be well known, Daniel Farke trained the second team of BVB from November 2015 to the summer of 2017.

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