News : “Lo de Cacho is a political revenge, an orchestrated theater”

News : “Lo de Cacho is a political revenge, an orchestrated theater”

Cacho, in an archive image in Barcelona / EFE

Enrique Pascual Oliva, who was Fermín Cacho’s coach, believes that the insinuations of the sports doctor Eufemiano Fuentes about the possible doping of the former athlete from Soria are a “political revenge” after being arrested in 2006 for the operation ‘Puerto, when the Secretary of State for Sports was Jaime Lissavetzky (PSOE).

Pascual believes that Fuentes needed a “figure” like Cacho to draw attention to his accusations in the interview with Jordi Évole, in which he spoke about doping in the world of sport, the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games and the athletes and teams allegedly involved.

Everything pre-cooked

“I saw it was a little theater. Am I going to read you names? What a coincidence! First, no; second, no; third, no; fourth, yes. Why didn’t they keep reading? Because I had everything orchestrated to go where I was going ”, he highlighted.

Pascual believes that the accusations made by Fuentes are going to go wrong. During the interview, Fuentes revealed that Cacho acted as an intermediary for Jaime Lissavetzky, Secretary of State for Sports between 2004 and 2011, to “prepare the Spanish team” for the Beijing Olympic Games.

“I believe that We all know that he had a big problem and he had a hard time. And I think that one thing brings another. If not, I can’t explain it to me, it doesn’t make any sense. For me it is a divinely orchestrated theater ”, stated Pascual.

Certainty about the existence of a professional relationship

The coach revealed that he spoke with Cacho after the broadcast of the television program and acknowledged that the Olympic champion of 1,500 meters in Barcelona’92 is very affected.

“The doubt has planted it, but this falls under its own weight. ANDI’m not very worried“, He highlighted. Pascual, who began traveling with the Spanish team in 1991 – Fuentes, in 1987, ceased to be a RFEA doctor – and led Cacho’s entire sporting career, assured that the sports doctor has not had a professional relationship with his pupil.

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