News : London Police apologize to Bianca Williams for her arrest

News :

London Police apologize to Bianca Williams for her arrest

Bianca Williams, in a file / AFP image

The London Metropolitan Police have apologized to athlete Bianca Williams and her partner, Ricardo dos Santos, for the ways in which they were both stopped and detained when driving on the way to training. Police went to Williams' house to apologize.

According to Williams' complaints the police stopped the car in which they were both traveling because they were black. The police immobilized Dos Santos, handcuffing him, for 45 minutes. Their three-month-old son was in the car throughout the incident.

Doesn't convince Williams

These apologies have not fully convinced Williams, who complained that they have apologized for the "distress" caused, but not for the actions taken by the police.

"Independent investigation is necessaryAs the Metropolitan Police has shown that they cannot be trusted to investigate a complaint against them, making it public that there has been no misconduct, ”Williams wrote on Instagram.

"We have received an apology for the anguish that the incident could have caused us, but not for the unjustified actions that the police took against us"Added the athlete.

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