News : Long leotard, bib shorts and Gobik socks. Product test and opinion

News : Long leotard, bib shorts and Gobik socks. Product test and opinion

Gobik winter clothes cover

With the drop in temperatures, it’s time to change the closet. Situation in which many cyclists realize the need to renew part of the equipment. In this sense and before the arrival of the autumn season the great cycling clothing brands take the opportunity to present their new collection.

Gobik is one of those references that year after year continues to improve its products and contribute to the consumer Little things that make a difference. Those from Yecla continue to show a great capacity to adapt to new market trends and the new collection that we present below, reaffirms this position.

The collection maintains part of the previous catalog. The most successful products from Gobik’s short but intense history will continue to be offered, although the main focus is on novelties that have been stepping on the accelerator.

Gobik winter clothes

Gobik long jersey

We start with one of the great novelties that Gobik brings for this fall season. The long jersey appears with the intention of meeting the needs of those cyclists looking for a long, thin leotard, with good breathability but at the same time protects us from the cold temperatures that we have early in the day.

Although for lower temperatures it will always be better to resort to models such as the Skimo jacket or the Cobble long jersey, it never ceases to surprise with its excellent versatility.

gobik long jersey

During the test I have used it during quite low autumn temperatures but also in some training day at noon in which the temperatures rise considerably. Precisely the excellent breathability that it presents allows us to wear the jersey in different circumstances.

Furthermore, in the company of a vest it could even be considered as the perfect kit for all winter in temperate climates.

In my opinion we are facing one of the best purchase options in the current market. A versatile product that adapts like few others to unexpected climatic changes and that can be used calmly during autumn, winter and even early spring.

The Gobik jersey is priced in euros, is available in all sizes and in a wide range of colors and designs.

Gobik Absolute K10 Bib Tights

The Gobik culottes they are always life insurance in terms of comfort and support. The Gobik Absolute 4.0 K10 continues to be one of the best alternatives on the market in terms of value for money and although its design is true that it has nothing special, few products are as functional as this one.

The culotte in question corresponds to the highest range of the brand (behind it it would have the Gobik limited K7) and its intention is none other than to offer a professional performance with high technical features.

Gobik winter kit

Especially remarkable are its qualities of breathability, compression, lightness and comfort. Essential aspects to be able to face long days on the saddle with guarantees.

Regarding the thermoregulatory properties of this, comment that during the test I have been able to verify that you protects really well from cold and wind and even slightly “spit” a fine rain.

Furthermore, without being impaled it is warm and it can be used even below the temperatures indicated in the technical data sheet.

The finishes also feature interesting details. The shoulder straps have been moved slightly inward to improve grip and its fineness does not generate any type of abrasion or discomfort.

But if something must be tested in a culotte, it is without a doubt the pad. Gobik is close to perfection in this section as well. A perfectly placed pad that combines different padding densities.

These properties allow you to travel true kilometers without having to worry about the classic annoyances that appear with the passage of hours in the butt.

k 10 gobik abolute long culotte

The Absolute 4.0 K10 from Gobik is undoubtedly a great option for those cyclists looking for a long bib with good performance and that has a longer service life than usual.

The price of the Gobik Absolute K10 bib shorts is 120 euros and on their website you can find more information about the product. It is available in black and in the usual scale of sizes.

Gobik Merino Socks

The cyclist’s feet are, together with the hands, the most vulnerable part to the cold. There is nothing more annoying than getting cold feet and to avoid that unpleasant sensation it is best to equip yourself with a good sock for cycling.

Gobik’s Merino sock is precisely this. A winter sock that presents a huge breathability and a pinpoint fit both foot and ankle.

Also, despite being a somewhat thicker sock than summer socks, wicks sweat perfectly and the mid-high cut design fits perfectly with the current market trend.

gobik winter socks

The natural fiber with which it is made is incredibly smooth and it has a very pleasant touch when in direct contact with the skin.

The Merino sock price is 13.50 euros and on the official Gobik website you can find more information about the specific technicality of the product.

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