News : Long runs of Abadia and Wanders with the scent of the Valencia Marathon

News : Long runs of Abadia and Wanders with the scent of the Valencia Marathon

Abadía and Wanders have proven to be at their best for Valencia

One of the most anticipated dates on the athletic calendar is stealthily approaching. Much more if possible after the happy coronavirus landed in our lives and most of the championships and major events were suspended. A very hard ‘blow’ for all sectors, including sports. Only a few ‘meetings’ of the Diamond League, national championships with practically no public, an adapted London Marathon and no public and the World Half Marathon have survived the scuffle.

That is why the Valencia Marathon has acquired tremendous importance. Athletes from all over the world will look for the Olympic minimum in the streets of the city of Turia. In addition, both in the average and in the marathon the cast of elite participants promises marks that can be historical.

Long runs of the highest level

And within that proximity of the big date, the athletes continue with their preparation and enter the final phase. Long runs and from about two weeks before it will be time to reduce the volume and intensity. The work will be done and will have to be recorded on D-Day and H-Hour. Two of the proper names that will center the spotlight are Toni Abadía and the Swiss Julien Wanders. The Aragonese has published on his social networks and on his Strava account the result of his first long run of 34 kilometers ahead of the appointment. The hand is training in height in Bronchales (Teruel) together with Carlos Mayo and Camilo Santiago (he has done the roll with the Riojan) and has done that distance at a pace of 3: 30 / km and with a positive difference of 411 meters, which makes the training even more worthwhile.

“I have just finished my first run of 34 kms in my preparation for the Valencia Marathon Y if you have ever run a marathon or have done the preparation, this message is for you: I admire you “, has commented in the message. His best partial was at km 26 (3:09 / km).

Wanders, in Geneva

Julien Wanders has also shared a quality long run. In his case it has been 30 kilometers at 3:16 / km and 106 meters of positive elevation gain. He has done it in the Swiss city of Geneva, with the VaporFly Next% and with a final kilometer at 2: 52 / km. The Swiss has in possession of the European records of 10k, 15k and 20k. Undoubtedly both showing that they are very serious about that goal in Valencia. We can’t wait to see them in action …

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