News : Lose localized fat, is it possible? The guide with everything you need to know

News : Lose localized fat, is it possible? The guide with everything you need to know

lose localized fat in arms, belly, legs
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Current currents such as the “body positive” are spreading through the networks to invite us to practice self-acceptance, which is very necessary. It should not be understood as a passive attitude, but an active one: the self acceptance It will help us to see our body as a valuable temple that allows us to be alive, and internalizing it will lead us to take care of it to also be healthy. What’s more, we will not be as permeable to myths as losing localized fat.

Being too influenced by aesthetic canons, we will give importance to the image over how we feel. It does not matter if diet and physical exercise make you feel good, because if you prioritize the image you will feel frustration for not having lost hips and chest, for example, which will demotivate you and lead you to abandon.

Two keys to avoid it: 1) work on your self-esteem to love and accept yourself as you are, without prejudice to the implementation of healthy habits; and 2) inform yourself well so as not to get carried away by those marketing lies that create a need that you do not have and then try to alleviate it with products that do not work (increasing your frustration). We will deal with the myth of losing localized fat precisely below.

What is localized fat

The first thing is to know what fat is and how it is formed. It is usually thought of as something negative, but that essential fat must be distinguished from storage fat, whose ranges will vary depending on age and sex.

Factors such as genetics are involved in fat storage, but lifestyle habits are even more decisive. When we eat more than we spend, the calories converted into triglycerides are stored in the adopocitos, which are the cells that contain triglycerides, and their size increases. Adipocytes can be up to five in size, as well as multiply to create new cells with the same function.

Delved into the question and as MedLine Plus explains, triglycerides are the most common type of fat in the body. They come especially from foods high in fat (like butter or oil), but also from the extra calories. The body will release triglycerides when it needs energy, but having a high level increases the risk of heart disease.

Fat accumulates unevenly throughout the body, so there are areas that tend to store them. They will vary between the sexes: men store fat in the upper part of the body, and women in the lower part. It is what is known as localized fat. They also have a higher percentage of fat than theirs.

Can you lose localized fat?

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the desire to know how to lose localized fat it has to do with widespread misinformation and the impact that marketing has on our lives. To burn localized fat, we usually focus physical activity in that area, but our body will be using intramuscular fat (stored within the muscle) that does not influence our level of health or physical appearance. It will not oxidize subcutaneous fat specifically in that area.

If you want to eliminate localized fat from the arms, for example, it will not help you to do many weight exercises several days in a row and leave out the rest of the body areas. The National Strength and Conditioning Association cites several studies to confirm this, such as the one by Ramírez-Campillo and other authors from 2013: after 12 weeks training only the non-dominant leg, the fat mass in the trunk and arms was reduced, while there were no changes significant in lean mass, fat mass, or percentage of fat in the legs.

We can’t lose sight of that the body functions as a functional unit, and not as with a set of watertight compartments that form a whole. When we exercise, the caloric expenditure is applied to the whole organism, so your concern should be to maintain those healthy habits and not the accumulation of fat in a certain area.

In which areas of the body more fat accumulates

As we said, localized fat varies between men and women, because while they usually accumulate it in the upper part, they do so in the lower part. We review the common areas of fat accumulation:

  • Abdomen. Men tend to accumulate more fat in this area of ​​the body than women, and it is the one that it is considered more dangerous to health. Therefore, eliminating localized fat in the belly goes beyond aesthetics.
  • Hips. The famous cartridge belts are more common in women, which is due to genetic and hormonal issues. Despite social censorship, there are studies that indicate that produce useful substances to prevent heart and metabolism diseases. In the right measure, of course, otherwise the desire to eliminate localized fat on the hips can become an obsession.
  • Thighs. It is also more frequent in women, and it is where the also censored cellulite appears.
  • Buttocks. Again, estrogens are what explain why women accumulate more fat in that area.

They are the areas of the body that tend to accumulate the most fat, but not the only ones. It is also common to wonder how to eliminate localized fat in the knees, as well as in the arms or the double chin. An increase in volume in the knees can also be due to fluid retention, which can lead to swelling, stiffness and pain. If so, you should check with your doctor.

How to remove localized fat without surgery

Remember: to eliminate localized fat, forget the myth that by exercising only the area you will get it faster. Eating a healthy diet and exercising are the only keys as we saw in more detail in these tips for success to lose body fat.


To eliminate fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. Food and physical exercise should go hand in hand, although with regard to the latter Cardiovascular exercise is especially recommended, because it increases caloric expenditure; and resistance training, which increases lean mass. You should also introduce strength exercises.

On the other hand, and since it is about increasing caloric expenditure, multi-joint exercises are more beneficial than mono-joint exercises. That is, squats, dumbbell lunges, or weighted chin-ups are better than isolated exercises like leg extensions or pulley triceps.


If you have read carefully so far, you will already know that the diet to lose localized fat does not exist. Avoid advertising messages that try to sell you creams or pills, because you will waste your money and increase your frustration when you go that they do not work.

Nutrygente’s dietitians and nutritionists give a series of useful tips to those who want to eliminate localized fat, always keeping the above in mind. One of them is take care of the energy balance, that is, be clear about the formula: eat fewer calories than your body needs on a day-to-day basis.

Once you are in energy deficit to lose weight, controls the amount of protein that you consume to preserve muscle mass and that the body pulls fat mass to burn energy. Proteins are also satisfying, and those that you can find in meat, fish, dairy, eggs and legumes are enough without resorting to supplements.

Avoid toxic habits such as excess alcohol, since its consumption is related to an increase in fat mass. And take care of the other great pillar of well-being, which is break. Sleeping between seven and eight a day will optimize your body, and the diet will be more effective.

Aesthetic treatments

Eliminating localized fat without surgery is also possible, hence it is common to seek opinions on mesotherapy in the abdomen and other treatments. We review some of them.

Fat Burning Injections

Among them we cite the mesotherapy, which is an aesthetic technique for remove localized fat with microinjections. It is used to remove cellulite or flaccidity, but you just have to consult the opinions to verify something: although you will notice results, they will disappear quickly if you do not accompany them with diet and physical exercise.

Clinics also sell intralitotherapy as a treatment, with the promise that localized fat can be removed with a single puncture per area and without surgery. It is a microgelatinous solution that releases substances that act on adipose tissue in a controlled manner.

On the other hand, buy fat burning injections It is something that we do not recommend at all. Many of them are not even sold in specialized media, so you do not know what security controls have passed or how they will affect you. If you want, try the injections, put yourself in the hands of the professionals of the beauty centers.

Other treatments

We comment on some of them, although several are usually combined to optimize results:

  • Lipolytic laser. The low-power diode laser used in this technique transmits energy to dissolve the accumulated fat in adipocytes.
  • Cryolipolysis. Apply cold to act on the adipocytes using protection, so that the cold does not affect the skin. It is also called coolsculpting.
  • Body radiofrequency. It acts on the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the skin, which is why it is used to firm. Creates electromagnetic waves to provide heat.
  • Pressotherapy. It is one of the least invasive techniques because it consists of a massage that favors lymphatic drainage, favoring the destruction of localized fat, the elimination of toxins and firming.

False myths about losing localized fat

Losing localized fat is a myth in itself. We insist that the body is a single functional unit, so that when you diet and exercise you cannot burn from where you want.

It is also frequent to resort to products like girdles, reducing creams, electrostimulation or supplements in the form of capsules and pills. Some of them may work, but it won’t be significant enough for you to spend your time and money on it.


The overall conclusion is that, rather than striving to lose localized fat, you should focus on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical exercise. The latter should combine cardio with resistance and strength training. If you don’t know how to reconfigure your diet or what workout routines work best for you based on your circumstances, ask a nutrition professional, your gym, or a personal trainer.

From time to time, you can go to an aesthetic center to undergo a non-invasive treatment, but keep in mind that its results will be short-lived if you continue to have habits that favor fat storage. In any case, it will always be better to put yourself in the hands of professionals than to go to little or no recommended remedies on your own.

We close with the initial idea: work on self-acceptance and healthy habits so as not to fall into those false myths that will only generate frustration.

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