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Lose weight without dieting - Tricks to lose weight

It can lose weight without dieting? You are not the first or the last athlete who tired of fighting day after day with the scale asks this question.

Losing weight is one of the main concerns of people who start to play sports and that is that beyond improving our physical condition, defining legs, getting a round ass or toning our arms, we are motivated by the idea of ​​losing weight a few kilos before The arrival of summer.

We are tired of hearing that to lose weight it is necessary to play sports and eat a healthy diet. The first seems clear but the second is as important as commented? To what extent is the Diet to lose weight?

To lose weight, the guidelines of a nutritionist will be very helpful, but most of you, like me, will find it impossible to comply with the diet, so here are some tips and small tips for you lose weight without dieting may be possible.

Lose weight without dieting

Sports practice

The first part of the equation seems quite clear. To lose weight without a strict diet, sport will be your best ally. The most common is to try to lose weight by running or cycling, but I assure you that there are a lot of sports that burn many calories.

You should not give up anything, but endurance sports that make you sweat the fat drop will always be among the top of the list. Spinning, elliptical and treadmill are some gym machines for weight loss that you will have at hand in any sports center.

Nor do you need to become obsessed and become a crazy sportsman. The adaptation to any modality must be progressive and the most important thing is to enjoy the moment.

Although your goal is to lose weight you should not neglect hydration during sports, and it is important that if your activity exceeds 60 minutes, you start seriously considering the option of eating some solid food.

Active life rate

Beyond sports activities it is very important to lead an active life. By this I mean the set of daily actions that will condition your caloric expenditure not associated with the exercise (NEAT).

Although it may seem silly to go to work by bicycle, go up to the work offices by the stairs or take the dog for a walk are actions that at the end of the day will increase the calories consumed.

All this will help you indirectly to better keep your caloric balance and lose weight.

Playing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle will be a great help when you lose weight

I take this opportunity to remember that to lose weight it is essential to have a caloric expenditure higher than caloric consumption. In other words, to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than we burn.

Prioritize certain foods

Strictly wear a Slimming diet is more complicated than it seems. Daily chores take up many hours and the time to cook healthy foods is usually minimal.

Given this situation it is important that every time you sit at the table you try to prioritize certain foods. It is not necessary to become obsessed but we all know that salads, fruit, red fish or grilled white meats They are perfect dishes for the athlete's diet. Avoid eating based on fatty foods and an excessive amount of carbohydrates especially during the days when you do not have a high physical activity. Between hours it is best to try to quench your appetite with healthy snacks. Remember that as WHO (world health organization) already warns, exercise is important as healthy eating.

In addition to all this I recommend that you take a look at our food post to speed up the metabolism.

Rest well

Rest is very important to recover after an intense effort and sleep at least 8 hours should be a daily obligation for all those who want to enjoy good health.

As mentioned on more than one occasion, the most important thing for a bottom athlete is to correctly assimilate the training load and for this there is nothing like enjoying a good restful sleep. Protein or casein shakes and dietary supplements are very good but I assure you that to recover the body there is nothing like sleeping peacefully in a good bed.

After dinner try to disconnect progressively. Avoid luminous screens and electronic devices that can excessively activate your nervous system. All this will help you sleep faster and better.

Drink a lot of water

That water intake is necessary to keep the body hydrated, we all know. What everyone may not know is that as confirmed by the following study by the Charité University Clinic in Berlin water also slims.

The study confirms that people who introduced a liter more water in their diet managed to lose more weight than all the people who did not change the amount of water ingested.

During meals it is important that you drink at least a couple of glasses of water but you should not neglect hydration for the rest of the day. You can take a bottle of water to work and in this way you will get into the habit of drinking water several times a day.

Control the quantities

As much as you fill your head with ideas of large plates of food it is clear that to lose weight you have to eat the right and necessary amount. This will make your body have to resort to accumulated fat as a source of fuel and obviously this will result in a loss of weight and a reduction in body fat.

To keep a correct control of the quantities I advise you to get used to serving the right ration and then immediately store the container. This will help you, without realizing it, end up finishing the cookie package or the 4 yogurts of the indivisible pack.

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