News : Lübeck vs. Zwickau missed on TV ?: Lübeck conceded a home defeat against Zwickau

News : Lübeck vs. Zwickau missed on TV ?: Lübeck conceded a home defeat against Zwickau

The home team VfB Lübeck kicked the challenger on 05/17/2021 FSV Zwickau in the 3rd league on matchday 37. Place of the event: Stadion an der Lohmühle. 1: 2 for the match winner FSV Zwickau it was at the end of the day. The referee of the game was Lukas Benen.

For the home team, of course, the question arises as to how this result came about. The outcome of this game is currently the worst for home defender VfB Lübeck. With 34 points so far, the host and coach Rolf Landerl are now in 19th place. The opponent under coach Joe Enochs scored 48 points and is in 12th place in the table.

All goals, all cards: VfB Lübeck vs. FSV Zwickau on the 37th matchday in the 3rd league

4th minute: The striker Lars Lokotsch scores the first goal of the game for FSV Zwickau.
37th minute: The Lübeck player Yannick Deichmann scores a goal.
56th minute: Now it’s time to get out of the seat for Tommy Grupe, because he sees the red card.
62nd minute: Lübeck changes Sven Mende against midfielder Ersin Zehir.
62nd minute: There is a player change at VfB Lübeck: Thorben Deters leaves the field. Osarenren Okungbowa takes his place on the field.
62nd minute: Zwickau will switch Dustin Willms to midfielder Manfred Starke.
63rd minute: The Zwickau player Marco Schikora is replaced. For him, Yannik Möker comes on the field.
76th minute: Zwickau scores a goal through midfielder Felix Drinkuth.
78th minute: Referee Lukas Benen shows the Zwickau player Mike Könnecke the yellow card.
78th minute: The Lübeck player Marvin Thiel is replaced. For him Elsamed Ramaj comes on the field.
81st minute: There is a player change at FSV Zwickau: Marius Hauptmann leaves the field. For him, Jozo Stanic comes on the field.
81st minute: Change for the Zwickau players.
82nd minute: Zwickau changes Bastian Strietzel against the defender Ali Odabas.
83rd minute: The Lübeck player Sebastian Hertner is replaced. Tim Kircher comes to the field for him.
Despite the full commitment on both sides, none of the kickers could score two or even more goals in the game VfB Lübeck against FSV Zwickau. The game’s goal scorers were Lokotsch, Deichmann and Drinkuth.

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, some games still take place as a “ghost game”. This means that there were no fans in the stadium during the game. Only the footballers and the necessary staff were there.

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Lübeck vs. Zwickau: The table of the 37th matchday in the 3rd league

place team Games S. U N Gates Diff. Pt.
1 SG Dynamo Dresden 37 22nd 6th 9 60:29 31 72
2 FC Hansa Rostock 37 20th 10 7th 51:32 19th 70
3 FC Ingolstadt 04 37 19th 11 7th 53:39 14th 68
4th TSV 1860 Munich 37 18th 12th 7th 68:32 36 66
5 1. FC Saarbrücken 37 16 11 10 66:49 17th 59
6th SV Wehen Wiesbaden 37 15th 11 11 57:52 5 56
7th SC Verl 37 14th 12th 11 65:54 11 54
8th SV Waldhof Mannheim 37 13th 12th 12th 49:54 -5 51
9 1. FC Magdeburg 37 14th 8th 15th 41:44 -3 50
10 FC Viktoria Cologne 37 13th 11 13th 51:58 -7 50
11 Hallescher FC 37 13th 10 14th 50:58 -8th 49
12th FSV Zwickau 37 12th 12th 13th 44:45 -1 48
13th Türkgücü Munich 37 12th 10 15th 44:54 -10 46
14th MSV Duisburg 37 11 10 16 51:65 -14 43
15th 1. FC Kaiserslautern 37 8th 18th 11 46:51 -5 42
16 KFC Uerdingen 05 37 11 10 16 37:49 -12 40
17th SV Meppen 37 11 5 21 35:60 -25 38
18th FC Bayern Munich II 37 8th 13th 16 47:57 -10 37
19th VfB Lübeck 37 8th 10 19th 40:56 -16 34
20th SpVgg Unterhaching 37 9 4th 24 39:56 -17 31

Status of the current table after the match on the 37th matchday, Lübeck vs. Zwickau (start was May 17th, 2021, 7:00 p.m.).

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