News : Lucas Torreira: death shock! Covid-19 drama shakes soccer star

News : Lucas Torreira: death shock! Covid-19 drama shakes soccer star

Lucas Torreira mourns his mother.
Image: dpa

Shock for soccer star Lucas Torreira (25): his mother Viviana Di Pascua has died. According to media reports, the 53-year-old died as a result of an infection with the Coronavirus.

Lucas Torreira in shock: mother Viviana Di Pascua (53) has died

As the news portal “Daily Star” currently reports, the 53-year-old was infected with the corona virus in Uruguay. A little later, Viviana Di Pascua was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, where she died shortly afterwards of the consequences of the coronavirus infection. Lucas Torreira was allowed to fly home to be with his mother in her final hours.

Arsenal star Lucas Torreira fought Covid-19 himself in November

The Arsenal star, who is currently on loan at Atletico Madrid, was also infected with the corona virus in November 2020 when he was in his home country for an international match. “Our footballer has no symptoms and remains isolated at home, with the appropriate quarantine in accordance with the protocols of the health authorities,” said the club after Torreira’s arrival in Madrid.

Mourning for Lucas Torreira’s mother – fans express their condolences

The sympathy for the death of Lucas Torreira’s mother is great. Numerous fans expressed their condolences on Twitter. “Lucas Torreira’s mother dies at the age of 53 after the fight against Covid Our thoughts are with you, Lucas,” wrote a fan and shared a photo that shows the footballer with his mom. “Lucas Torreira’s mother died yesterday after a fight against COVID-19. I can’t imagine what Lucas is going through,” said another shaken.

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