News : Lukas Klünter as a painter: Battle for relegation in acrylic – sport

News : Lukas Klünter as a painter: Battle for relegation in acrylic – sport

There aren’t that many footballers who would have devoted themselves to the visual arts after finishing their careers. The Brazilian Francisco Rebolo (Corinthians São Paulo) became an important landscape painter; Eduardo Chillida (Real Sociedad San Sebastián) became a sculptor with a thundering sound – a sculpture stands in front of the Berlin Chancellery – Domenico Maria Durante not only became a master with Juve, but also otherwise a master, and in this country there is of course Rudi Kargus, who above all than the HSV goalkeeper of the 1970s is remembered. Kargus, 68, has been painting for almost 20 years; he learned from art lecturer Jens Hasenberg, who has remained a teacher and mentor to him.

Kargus has had dozens of exhibitions. But above all, he knows what overcoming it takes to do what Hertha’s fast right-back Lukas Klünter, 24, did on Tuesday: to give an insight into his own work. To open up to an audience. “Great!”, Kargus calls into the phone and remembers how embarrassed he was back then because he knew that he would be perceived as a football player.

Soccer, men, 1. Bundesliga, season 2020/21, (33rd matchday), Hertha BSC - 1. FC Cologne, from left Dominick Drexler (1. FC

The painter as a footballer: Lukas Klünter in the Hertha jersey, here against 1. FC Köln.

(Photo: Matthias Koch / Imago)

Klünter had started painting in the first Corona quarantine in spring 2020. “I cannot deal with just one topic for 24 hours. You also have to find a little distance from it. Quarantine like this is certainly not bad for that,” said Klünter. In Kargus’ ears it sounded interesting and admirable: “It was anything but a coincidence that I only started painting after the end of my career. Football literally ate my head up. There was no room for anything else . ” It wasn’t until years later, as a painter, that he reflected on his entire, absolutely fantastic footballing life and captured it with oil on canvas.

Lukas Klünter, on the other hand, recently took out the easel after Hertha had to be quarantined again because too many players were infected with the corona virus. “It’s something that I enjoy, that brings me down so that I can think about other things,” says Klünter. He completed two paintings. Klünter was asked whether it had become bleak in keeping with Hertha’s overall situation because the Berliners were fighting against relegation, and he said no. “It has even become very colorful.” Then he provided a photo of the picture as evidence.

Incidentally, Rudi Kargus refused the – admittedly reflexively – made request to comment on Klünters’ oeuvre. Even before viewing the picture – so not out of any kind of consideration. “I think it’s just beautiful and great that a young person, whether a footballer or not, gets the idea to be interested in painting,” says Kargus, “you don’t have to classify anything!”

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