News : Lyles, Gatlin, Bromell … USA rockets fly in Clermont

News :

Lyles, Gatlin, Bromell ... USA rockets fly in Clermont

Noah Lyles proved to be in top form at Clermont

American Sprinters Noah Lyles and Justin Gatlin benefited from a strong favorable wind to break the ten-second barrier in the 100 meters from the Montverde (Florida) meeting, which marks his return to competition after being confined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lyles, 200 world champion, and Gatlin, three times world champion and current runner-up, participated this Saturday in one of the series of 100 meters that was played with a favorable wind of 4 meters per second, double the limit allowed for the approval of the brand.

Gatlin, below 10 ″ with 38 years

Lyles, 22, won with a time of 9.93, followed by Gatlin, 38, with 9.99. In the same race, Panamanian Alonso Edward, who was 200th world runner-up in Berlin 2009, credited 10.18. The third best mark of the round, in this case with legal wind (+1.6), was the one obtained in another series by the reborn Trayvon Bromell, who beat Canadian Andre DeGrasse with a time of 10.04 (10.15).

Bromell, who in 2016 was the 60-meter world champion on the indoor track, he has achieved his best mark in 100 meters since that year and seems recovered from a long series of injuries.

In the final, without Lyles and Gatlin, the young Kenny Bednarek, 21, won with 10.14, his best personal brand. Second was De Grasse with 10.17.

Various world brands

During the meeting, world marks of the year were established by the American Sha'Carri Richardson at 100 (11.05), the American Kenny Bednarek at 200 (20.06), the Bahamian Shaunae Miller-Uibo at 200 (22.61) and 400 (50.52) and the American Christian Taylor, sole triple participant (16.75).

In addition to gusts of wind, the competition was disrupted by a fine rain at the Academia de Montverde, located in the state of the country most currently affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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