News : Lyles World Record in the Inspiration Games … From 185 meters!

News :

Lyles World Record in the Inspiration Games ... From 185 meters!

Lyles didn't believe his brand when he crossed the finish line

The Inspiration Games, a test based in Zurich (the Meeting of the Diamond League that was to be held there on Thursday, July 9 and that circumstances have not allowed it to free normally) and that has brought together several of the best sprinters in the universe , we have been left with an anecdote that will probably go down in the annals of athletic history.

A 200 flag

One of the races that raised the most expectation was the 200-meter dash, in which the three world TOP faces were seen as Noah Lyles, Dutchman Churandy Martina and Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre. A priori, the great favorite was the North American, with a personal mark of 19.50 in the distance (the world record is held by Usain Bolt on 19.19).

The American has come out as an arrow and already from a good start it has been understood that he would be the winner. The most incredible thing of all has come with his arrival at the finish line… at 18.90! An absolute outrage that has instantly turned into disbelief. It was possible? We have quickly received the answer.

He came out from a wrong position

Apparently Lyles has started from a wrong position and has traveled 185 meters and not 200. It has been a wonderful five minutes in which Twitter has burned speculating that if the wind, what if. Finally the reality has been that. Noah holds the new world record of 185 meters, distance not approved and practically unheard of.

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