News : Machoist act of a runner to a journalist in the Savanna Marathon

News :

Machoist act of a runner to a journalist in the Savanna Marathon

The journalist attacked in the United States

Aberrante what happened this past weekend in the Savannah Marathon, in the state of Georgia (United States). During the test and in full connection of a journalist covering the event live, one of the participants did not think of anything other than touching her ass. Alex Bozarjian, which is what this worker is called WSAV News 3, has reported on social networks the act of sexist violence he suffered in the American town and he has also sent a clear and concise message to the aggressor and all of his ‘calaña’.

A blunt message

“To the man who has hit me in the ass while I was live, that you know that you have raped me, you have turned me into an object and you have embarrassed me. No woman should be like that at work or anywhere“, Explains Bozarjian. The reaction of the journalist was normal: she was shocked at the blow to the ass she had received seconds before. The runner who hit this scourge was banned from upcoming competitions, according to the Savannah sports council: “we have identified the runner and we have decided that he will not run again in any of the races we organize".

Bozarjian posted the video of the painful moment in their networks as a measure to grant the world this type of action without any kind of grace.

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