News : Magdeburg assistant coach shoots Brunswick player – and sees red

News :

Magdeburg assistant coach shoots Brunswick player - and sees red

3. League: In 2: 4 defeat against Braunschweig: Magdeburg assistant coach sees red

Eintracht Braunschweig wins 4: 2 at 1. FC Magdeburg thanks to a three-goal win by new signing Martin Kobylanski. Referee Felix Zwayer shows Magdeburg's assistant coach Silvio Bankert the red card after this opponent shoots Marcel Bär.

1. FC Magdeburg - Eintracht Braunschweig 2: 4 (1: 3)

Gates: 0: 1 Kobylanski (7th), 1: 1 Bertram (11th), 1: 2 Kobylanski (18th), 1: 3 Bär (32.), 2: 3 Beck (50.), 2: 4 Kobylanski ( 90 + 6).

1. FC Magdeburg: Brunst 1 - Costly 9, Muller 5, Rother 6, Perthel 29 - Gjasula 10 (86th Harant) - Preißinger 21, Chahed 24 (72nd Ernst) - Kvesic 16 - Beck 11, Bertram 20 (72nd Osei Kwadwo)

Eintracht Braunschweig: Fejzic 16 (52nd Engelhardt) - Kessel 5, Becker 14, Nkansah 6, Kijewski 27 - Nehrig 7, Pfitzner 31 - Kobylanski 10 - Bär 15, Proschwitz 33, Putaro 11 (46th fig chip)

The essentials in brief: Eintracht Braunschweig has won its opening match to the start of the new season of the 3rd league. Thanks to Martin Kobylanski, the promoted favorite won 4: 2 (3: 1) on Saturday night at second division relegated 1. FC Magdeburg. The newcomer, who was already active for Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga, scored a three-pack (7th minute, 18th, 90th + 6).

Marcel Bär also showed a strong goal (32) and two assists. Sören Bertram (12th) and Christian Beck (51st) met for the hosts. Magdeburg's Björn Rother saw a red card in the 84th minute. Magdeburg's assistant coach Silvio Bankert saw the red card in the 87th minute, because he shot the ball lying on the ground Braunschweiger bear with the ball.

The game in the ticker log

90 + 7. Minute: Morning whistle in Magdeburg - what a memorable game.

+ 90. 6 Minute: 4: 2 for Eintracht - that's the decision! Feinspan lays across Kobylanski, who fires his third goal of the evening.

90th minute: There is seven minutes extra time.

87 minutes: Magdeburg's assistant coach Bankert sees red. Bär lies on the floor after a foul by Osei Kadwo near the bench, the frustrated assistant coach shoots the ball rolling on it. Zwayer immediately draws red.

85th minute: Red card for Rother! The Magdeburg roars from behind in Proschwitz and almost hits the Achilles tendon of Brunswick. Decisive decision by Zwayer.

79th minute: Ernst plays from the right side a dangerous flat ball into the box, Engelhardt parried by Fußabwehr on the line.

72nd minute: Double change at FCM: Osei Kwadwo comes for Bertram, Ernst replaces Chahed.

68th minute: Bär umdribbelt on the right corner flag equal two opponents and can be stopped by Perthel only by foul. Yellow for the Magdeburg.

52nd minute: Fejzic after a short treatment in the square on the stretcher must have brought from the field. That does not look good at the Braunschweig goalkeeper, whose head is now supported. At this point, get well soon! Engelhardt now takes his place between the posts of Eintracht.

50th Minute: Tooooor for Magdeburg! The hosts succeed by Beck the connecting goal to 2: 3. Braunschweig goalkeeper Fejzic wants to intercept a cross, but is undermined by his teammate Nkansah. The keeper falls unhappily on the back and Magdeburg striker Beck dusts off and hits from close range.

Bertram crosses the gate. Fejzic wants to catch the ball but is undermined by Nkansah - his own man. The keeper falls unhappily on his back and shoulder. Beck is on the spot and shortened by Abstauber on 2: 3.

48th minute: Kvesic moves from central position 20 meters in front of the goal with left. The ball rushes a meter over the gate.

46th minute: The second half is running. At 1. FC Magdeburg, fig-spen comes for Putaro.

+ 45. 3 Minute: Pause whistle in Magdeburg.

45th minute: Three minutes on top - no wonder with four goals in this thrilling first round.

41st minute: Magdeburg now with a good offensive action over Costly, Chahed and Kvesic. At the end, Kvesic tries his hand from the edge of the box with a lift in the long corner - well over a meter.

32 minutes: Tooooor for Brunswick! Bär increases the lead for Eintracht to 3: 1, but this goal must be chalked up by Magdeburg goalkeeper Brunst. The FCM goalkeeper misjudges a high ball into the box, runs off the line and has no chance as Bär heads over the ball in a high arc.

28 minutes: Kvesic takes a high ball on the far post and hits it. Nice technique, but he only hits the outside net.

27 minutes: After the spectacular initial phase, the game is temporarily relegated to midfield.

18th minute: 2: 1 for the guests! Again comes the submission of Bear, again enforced Kobylanski. Bär can cross the goal in the right half of the field, where Kobylanski extends the ball with his head into the long corner. For Löwen newcomer Kobylanski it's been a dream debut.

11th Minute: Toooor for Magdeburg! The home team manage the direct equalization by new signing Bertram, who is beautifully cleared by Beck. Fejzic still comes with the hand to the ball, but can not steer it around the post. 1: 1!

7th Minute: Tooooor for the guests from Brunswick! Bear plays a dream pass through the FCM's defensive line on Kobylanski, who shoves in the far corner.

6th minute: First goal approach of concord. Bär wants to flank the goal from the left, but the ball slips over the instep. Goal and kick.

3rd minute: Kvesic puts the ball well on Beck, who goes down in the penalty area. However, that was far too little for a penalty - Zwayer beckons immediately.

1st minute: Referee Felix Zwayer whistles to: Eintracht Braunschweig with the impetus.

17:36: The teams have finished warming up and have both run to the last meetings in the cabins. In less than ten minutes we start in Magdeburg.

17.07 clock: The lists are there. 1. FC Magdeburg starts with Costly instead of Ernst in the position of right-back. In Eintracht Braunschweig are the two new additions Kobylanski and Proschwitz in the starting eleven.

Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. Two traditional clubs meet in Magdeburg. Both teams hope for promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga, but the conditions are very different:

1. FC Magdeburg: This return hurts. After only one year, the premiere in the second league, the former European Cup winner in the 3rd League must prove again. 18 players went after the descent. Stefan Krämer replaced Michael Oenning on the trainer position. At the latest in three years, it should work with the return to the 2nd League.

Eintracht Braunschweig: In 2018, the ex-club of world champion Paul Breitner rose from the second league. 2019 missed only one goal to crash into league four. The money from the good years is gone too. Nevertheless, after catching up in the second half and reinforcements like Martin Kobylanski and Nick Proschwitz, many consider Eintracht to be a candidate for promotion again.

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