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Maillot y culotte zeroweight ceramicool. Product test and opinion

odllo ciclismo verano maillot y culote

The brand Odlo has just presented his new cycling collection for this summer. The Swiss multi-sport company continues to expand its catalog and the truth is that it continues to do so at the same pace as it improves the quality of its products.

With this I am not at all questioned the previous products, on the contrary, Odlo (as a good Swiss brand) has always stood out for the high quality of its products. But in my opinion, Hünenberg's firm has made a qualitative leap in 2019 that puts it squarely in the fight with the best cycling clothing brands.

On this occasion I have been lucky enough to try its "pro" range. The highest product range focused on the most demanding and exclusive public. A product family that fits perfectly with current fashion and I doubt very much that I can disappoint anyone. Personally and in advance I have to tell you that the culotte has left me absolutely in love.

Let's go to the detail!

Maillot zeroweight ceramicool pro

We start with the upper part of the ceramicool pro set. The zeroweight jersey is a short high-end jersey designed to satisfy the most demanding public. Specifically to all those cyclists looking for an aerodynamic, aggressive and ergonomic product that allows them to enjoy the summer season without frying hot.

Precisely in this last term the jersey incorporates the "ceramic" technology that Odlo puts on some of his jerseys with the intention that their products are fresher and breathable.

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The "pro" family refers to the highest and most exclusive range of products

This technology acts directly on the skin of the cyclist offering much higher protection in sudden changes in temperature. By this I mean, for example, when in the middle of summer we climb a high mountain pass and then we have to face a descent. The cyclist sweats and passes heat on the climb but on the descent we are many who have been cold because of the sweat that accumulates and the jersey is unable to absorb. Odlo puts solution to all this with the Ceramicool concept. The tissue acts as a small and very thin protective membrane that helps maintain a stable body temperature. In technical terms it is estimated that the body temperature can increase up to 1 degree centigrade compared to other jerseys thanks only to this fabric.

Take this opportunity to comment that the composition of the jersey is a very comfortable mix of polyester, polyamide and elastane. The tissue percentages vary depending on the area of ​​the jersey.

As for finishes, say that the jersey has the complete zipper closure and that the sleeves are thin and elegant. Odlo is another brand that adds to the minimalist fashion trying to eliminate any type of seam or hem.

Personally I have to say that you quickly realize that this is a high-end jersey and that has more than deserved the name of "pro". The quality is magnificent in practically all the senses and I only find the subject of the subject better. Odlo continues to accumulate pending issues in this regard. The jersey for my taste is too elastic and does not finish to get close to the body, something that in an aero jersey should be fundamental. For my taste the back is too long and makes a small skirt unnecessary.

During the test I was also able to verify that the breathability of the jersey zeroweight ceramicool is excellent. It is true that I have not come out with exaggeratedly high temperatures but the sensations with temperatures close to 30 degrees are unbeatable. The jersey absorbs very well and keeps you at all times fresh and ventilated chest.

In terms of functionality, the jersey has three typical pockets and small reflective details that make you more visible to third parties.

The jersey is available in three colors; white-gray, blue-white and dark slate (test). The availability of sizes goes from the smallest (S) to the XXL. The price of the Odlo Zeroweight ceramicool pro jersey is 119.95 euros. For more information you can visit their website directly. Take this opportunity to tell you that you have available at Amazon discounts on jerseys of the same brand. I leave here the purchase link.

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the jerley odlo zeroweight ceramicool is tight and highly breathable

Culotte short zeroweight ceramicool pro

The test highlight arrives and the perfect complement for the jersey. The Zeroweight short shorts ceramicool pro is a real marvel. A culotte that has far exceeded the previous versions of Odlo bibs that I have had the good fortune to try.

The jump in quality of the brand is justified in large part by the improvement of their shorts. The gold badana, which we saw in the last test of the X-light family, is perfect to avoid chafing and stinging. The adaptation of the same to the male anatomy is worthy of mention and once the culotte remains completely immobile even with the passing of the hours.

The culotte has been manufactured in a mixture of polyamide, elastane and polyester very nice to face the hottest days thanks also to the high breathability it has.

With the Zeroweight culramicool pro Odlo aims to offer the most demanding and exclusive cyclists an elegant, adjusted and exaggeratedly comfortable product. After the test I can guarantee that for me they pass the three subjects with a note.

In line with the zeroweight jersey, the bib also has an aerodynamic and aggressive design designed for intense recreational use or for competition. Unlike what happens with the jersey, the culotte itself that presents an exquisite fastening. The straps are thin and do not bother at any time and as I commented the pad adapts to any type of profile and person. Odlo also incorporates ceramicool technology into the shorts and in summer the fabric draws sweat away with astonishing speed.

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The zeroweight ceramicool shorts have a fine and elegant design

The zeroweight ceramicool pro shorts are available in two colors. The black and white design and the slate color (test). For more detailed information I leave the link to your web page. The Culote sale price is 149.95 euros. A more than reasonable price considering the high performance of the product.

If you are looking for a short cycling set for this summer you should take Odlo's ceramic range very seriously. An alternative purchase perhaps little known in Spain but very effective in terms of performance. Do not forget that Odlo has a very important market share in the Nordic countries and in countries where the technical requirement of the materials is maximum due to the harsh weather conditions. For me It is a matter of time that brands like ODLO that prioritize the quality of their products end up getting a foothold in Spain.

If you are interested, you can see other Odlo shorts on offer at the following Amazon link

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