News : Mainova Ironman 2019 in Frankfurt: Live in TV and Stream – Results of the European Triathlon Championship here!

News :

Mainova Ironman 2019 in Frankfurt: Live in TV and Stream - Results of the European Triathlon Championship here!

3,000 athletes from 81 nations, 3.8 kilometers swim, 185 kilometers of cycling, 42.195 kilometers of running track and the whole at a scorching 40 degrees Celsius - this is the Mainova Ironman Summarized in tight numbers in 2019. On Sunday, June 30, 2019, the world's best triathletes in the Main metropolis will face the sporting challenge - and sports fans can be up close!

See Mainova Ironman Frankfurt / Main 2019 on TV and in LIVE stream

Who will be hosting the European Triathlon Championship on the weekend? Frankfurt am Main want to live without traveling to Hesse, which can make it comfortable in front of the local TV - the Frankfurt Ironman 2019 is namely transmitted in the German Free-TV. From 6:15 in the morning, the Hessischer Rundfunk will attend the competition live and send real-time Ironman 2019 in Frankfurt for ten hours until the afternoon hours. Also included are triathlon experts Nicole Leder and Thomas Hellriegel. Also in Live Stream There's the full load of triathlon action from Ironman Frankfurt - just click or have a look in the hr libraryto be present on devices such as smartphones, tablets and Co. in the live stream at the Ironman Frankfurt 2019!

Ironman Frankfurt 2019: All results from the triathlon showdown

How the top international triathletes beat each other at the Ironman 2019 in Frankfurt / Main, you will learn all the results of the Europeans 2019 Triathlon here in a compact overview.

+++ 27.06.2019: German Ironman aces ready for European Championship Showdown +++

German triathlon aces Patrick Lange, Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle are ready for the showdown at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt. Especially the two-time world champion Lange is hot on the first victory in his home race. "We will all take our hearts out to be at the top, and of course I want to be the first to arrive at the Romans," said 32-year-old Hesse on Thursday.

Frodeno pays off in the 18th Ironman edition on the Main, to which 3000 athletes from 81 nations are expected, also a lot. "I'm hungry and have a lot of ambition," said the 37-year-old. "It's not every year that you enjoy such high-caliber competitions." Kienle, who is with three successes of record winners in Frankfurt, sees himself rather in the role of the outsider. "I do not feel called to big," he said.

+++ 26/06/2019: Long coach hopes for necessary freshness in the Ironman heat battle +++

Successful trainer Faris Al-Sultan hopes for the necessary freshness of his protégé Patrick Lange at the Ironman Heat Battle in Frankfurt / Main. Last year, Lange was always a bit tired to the competitions - except on Hawaiisaid Al-Sultan before the European Championship this Sunday the German Press Agency. After sixth place two years ago and third place twelve months ago, the two-time Ironman World Champion Lange now finally wants to win his home race.

Born in Bad Wildunger, he lived in Darmstadt for a long time before moving to Salzburg a few months ago. He definitely wants to deliver a bigger fight than in 2018, said Lange of Hessenschau. "I know I'm fitter, I know that I'm a lot farther in my head." He wanted to "really burn one in the asphalt" on the Main.

Lange has to be prepared for the toughest competition. In Jan Frodeno, the Ironman World Champion of 2015 and 2016, who had beaten clearly in Frankfurt / Main Lange a year ago and celebrated his second European Championship triumph after 2015. Also Sebastian Kienle, world champion of 2014 and Frankfurt winner 2014, 2016 and 2017, is at the start.

"Personally, I want even more that he wins in Frankfurt than he wants it to be," said Long Coach Al-Sultan, also a former Ironman World Champion (2005) and European Champion (2011).

Lange, Frodeno and Kienle meet for the first time since the 2017 World Cup in the fight over 3.8 kilometers swimming, 185 kilometers of cycling and 42.195 kilometers running this Sunday for the first time. After the race Lange wants to marry his girlfriend in August. He had proposed to her after the second World Cup triumph last October at the finish in Kailua-Kona marriage proposal.

+++ 27.05.2019: Ironman-Champion Lange: Am "in the form of my life" +++

Two-time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange feels as strong as ever in his triathlon career. He was "in the shape of my life," said the 32-year-old in an interview to the "Donaukurier" (Monday). That showed his victory about two weeks ago in the race over half the Ironman distance in Vietnam. Lange had crowned his successful season opener with a course record.

"We seem to be on the right path," emphasized Hesse coached by ex-world champion Faris Al-Sultan. That leaves hope in terms of his home Ironman over 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and 42.195 kilometers running in late June in Frankfurt / Main. Lange will meet there on the 30th of June on the also two times Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno (2015 and 2016) and the champion of 2014, Sebastian Kienle. So far Lange could not win in Frankfurt yet.

The meeting of the three active German Ironman World Champions should also give a foretaste of the World Cup in October in Hawaii. Lange wants to perfect the title hat-trick in Kailua-Kona. He would be "sole German record holder", he stressed.

In 2017 he set a running record for the first time in his first World Cup triumph in 2:39:45 hours over the marathon track, last year he remained at the 40th edition of the race in 7:52:39 hours as the first triathlete in the eighth -hour mark.

Lange sees room for improvement but rather swimming and cycling. "And I do not think we're running at the limit when we're running," he said. "I think that you can run a marathon at 2:30 in the Ironman too." Maybe not in Hawaii, but it is possible.

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