News : Man drives triathlete in his car and carries her to his house

News :

Man drives triathlete in his car and carries her to his house

Austria: Man drives triathlete in his car and carries her to his house

The Austrian triathlete Nathalie Birli was kidnapped on Tuesday afternoon during her cycling training. The alleged perpetrator had apparently hit her, tied and then brought to a small house. Fortunately, Birli was able to free herself.

Birli was with her road bike in the area Kumberg-Schöckl on the way. She was hit at 5 pm, which caused her to fall off her bike. Instead of helping the woman, the alleged perpetrator is said to have beaten her and bound her with an electrical tape. He then dragged his victim into his car and drove with his racing bike to a remote home. This reports the news portal "trinews".

Partner in caring for athlete

When the athlete still had not returned from training at 9:00 pm, her partner had filed a complaint with the police. He had been worried about Birli and suspected that she had fallen on Schöckl, a summit in the Grazer Bergland. He also asked friends and triathletes from the region for help on Facebook. They searched unsuccessfully for the young woman together with the emergency services.

Offender leaves Birli finally free

Meanwhile, the man detained Birli in the house for hours. He also threatened her with a knife. Ultimately, however, the luck was on the side of the 27-year-olds: She managed to persuade the kidnapper to release her. He even took her home and returned the racing bike.

On Wednesday morning, the cyclist finally announced on Facebook and thanked everyone who had been involved in the search operation. She was "well except for a broken hand and a head injury".

Meanwhile, the suspected kidnappers could be investigated by the police. The special unit Cobra hired the man and then arrested him.

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