News : Manuel Alonso’s World Record of 800: At 3: 55 / km at 85 years old!

News : Manuel Alonso’s World Record of 800: At 3: 55 / km at 85 years old!

Manuel Alonso celebrates his world record in Gallur

Birthday and celebrate by achieving a World Record. How many athletes have achieved it throughout history? At least Manuel Alonso. This all-rounder of athletics achieved a Gallur its 15th world record. At age 85, he stopped the clock at 800 at 3:08:06. Time passes and Alonso continues to enjoy himself like a kid in the tartan. If two years ago, when he was 83, he managed to proclaim himself world champion in Torun with a mark of 3:04:64 at that distance of 800, the Spaniard continues to show that he does not lose his illusion or form.

An example

Born the same year the Civil War began, Alonso has been breaking the mold for years and achieving milestones. He has been seven times world champion and 10 European champion. In Madrid, the master athlete was able to run those 800 meters at a pace of 3:55 / km. The previous master record +85 of the modality was held by the Canadian Earl Fee since March 2014 in Hungary (3:11:09).

Without a doubt, they are figures like Manuel, who just turned 85 what he most passionate about in life is training and competing, who comfort us with all this. An example and model not only for athletes of his generation, but also for anyone who is practicing sports and never wants to stop doing it.

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