News : Manuel Merillas breaks three Mountain Records in three days

News :

Manuel Merillas breaks three Mountain Records in three days

Manuel Morillas, in a file / JL image. Lastra

His name is Manuel Merillas and his feat has gone practically unnoticed but he deserves to be told. The companions of ‘’ have echoed the enormous challenge that attacked (and embroidered) this Leonese, baptized as the ‘mountain hunter’. Everything happened in just three days of margin, June 24-25-26. Every day a new record. Two of them running and one in duathlon format. Precisely the latter began the Bercian, who achieved the speed record of the Ordizia-Txindoki-Ordizia, popularly called the Basque Matterhorn. Merillas wanted to do everything without advertising, discreetly and accompanied only by his girlfriend and his dog. "The best thing is to be able to measure yourself from one to you in some areas that change little and with the slogan of leaving from one point to another and returning as quickly as possible," he says.

The ‘Txindoki’, a classic in your pocket

He completed the ‘Txindoki’ (1,364 meters high) in 1 hour, 22 minutes and 55 seconds, beating in 2’14 ”the previous mark of the mountain runner Artiz Egea, which at the time had broken a record that dated, eye to the data, from 1978.

Garmo Negro, a 3 thousand in just over an hour

The next challenge took him to the legendary mo Garmo Negro ’(3,064 meters), in the Pyrenean Valle del Tena. 4.4 kilometers and 1,400 meters of positive elevation difference from the Panticosa Spa that Merillas completed in 1 hour, seven minutes and 47 seconds, one minute faster than José Antonio Algueta in a brand he registered in 2017. “The laces are removed with more laces. The legs were a little tired after the Txindoki challenge, but I decided to try myself and it went very well. That if, in the last 700+ I found a lot of snow and in the final part to make sure I put on crampons, "he comments for‘ Turiski. "

Andreu Simón snatches the Pedraforca record

Finally, another classic peak such as Pedraforca, in the Sierra del Cadí-Moixeró of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees. 2,497 meters high. curiously just a few weeks ago the Catalan Andreu Simón had broken the record of going up and down this summit (the previous record was from Quico Soler's 1999). Simón spent 1 hour and 27 seconds raising and lowering, while Manuel stopped the clock at 53'10 ”. In total, 884 meters of positive elevation gain and 6.43km of route.

Manuel spent 39'50 ”going up and 13'22” going down. An atrocity. He completed the classic route leaving the Lluís Estassen refuge until the Pollegó Superior and went down the pie plate. “First up and down to be able to recognize the route well for my attempt. After the first lap, I rested a bit. Immediately afterwards I left the Lluis Estates refuge heading towards the top of the mountain through the Verdet channel, returning to the refuge through the Tartera to do 6.4km and 1780 +/- unevenness ”, analyzed Merillas.

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