News : Manyonga, from positive for doping to arrested for drinking on the street

News :

Manyonga, from positive for doping to arrested for drinking on the street

Manyonga and Henderson, silver and gold in Rio

The trajectory of the jumper Luvo Manyonga would give to write an entire book. He made history for his country, South Africa, after winning the silver medal in the 2016 Rio Games with a jump of 8.37, staying only an inch from the winner, one of the favorites as was Jeff Henderson. It was a bell because he was not expected in that fight to be an Olympic champion and because he had a dark past behind him. Manyonga, who comes from a very poor family, had problems with drugs when he was practically a child. Years later he himself confessed that he was addicted to ‘tik’, a very cheap and destructive drug that proliferates in the slums of many African countries. The point is that Manyonga has recently been arrested in South Africa for drinking on the street in full confinement.

18 month penalty

In a doping control they detected this substance and her sanction was reduced to 18 months considering that she was consumed by addiction and that he was in a period of rehabilitation at the time of the hearing for his case. Their family situation was also complex: his brother and sister had been in prison, her father worked only occasionally and her mother was the only one who earned income for the house (less than 10 euros, in exchange, a week as a domestic cleaner). Added to a complicated personal situation was the death, in a traffic accident, of his coach (Mario Smith), who was like a second father to him.

Strict confinement in South Africa

According to the police notice, Manyonga was detained on Wednesday in Thubelitsha Park in Kayamandi, a municipality on the outskirts of the city of Stellenbosch. In South Africa there is total confinement right now, during which the sale of alcohol is not even allowed and only people who are considered 'essential' jobs are allowed to leave their homes.

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