News : Marathon and Half Marathon of Valencia 2020

News : Marathon and Half Marathon of Valencia 2020

Alayew smashed the test record in 2019 / AFP

A few days ago they communicated something expected, but no less painful for that. The organization of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation Valencia Marathon announced that despite having tried until the last stages, the popular version of the test could not be held. A race made for people, with a spectacular international pedigree and that, like the vast majority of tests from this post-confinement era, have ended up falling apart.

Full guarantee

Huge jug of cold water. But what they have assured from the organization itself this Friday is that the elite version will be held and not only that, but that there will also be a half marathon of the highest level. Undoubtedly, it is great news to be able to have the best long distance runners in the world at home in search, according to themselves, of times that are close to the World Record.

“He Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon will celebrate next December 6, 2020 an athletic event at the highest level. The Organization, in charge of the SD Correcaminos and the City Council of València, announces that there will be a professional version of the marathon race (Elite Edition) and what will be accompanied, in addition, of a half marathon test. Both events will have the most ambitious sporting objectives, since they work in a team of elite athletes to get closer to the world records of the two distances ”. This has been made official by the organization on its website and official portals. It seems unlikely, almost impossible, that Kipchoge and Bekele are there, the two best marathoners of the moment who have already confirmed their presence in London for the October 4 test.

Maximum ambition

Even so, in Valencia they are very, very ambitious with that elite poster that they are working on and that would have already confirmed top-level names. Who we do know is going to participate, for example, at the national level is Toni Abadía (debut in the distance) or Chiki Pérez. It should be remembered that the brands will be valid for the Olympic classification (Javi Guerra and Dani Mateo have the place assured).

The big news will be that half marathon, since the official one, which was dated December 25, was canceled on July 30. We really want to know the final ‘roster’ of both tests.

“Valencia Ciudad del Running will host the great athletic event en route this year, with about 250 professional marathon runners from around the world, among which are the participants of the elite program MyBest42 hunting for the Olympic minimum, as well as another fifty athletes seeking the best possible marks in the 21,097.5 meters, in a test that will be held in parallel on same December 6, although without coinciding at the same time in the streets of the running city ”, adds the organization

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