News : Marc Roig talks about the INEOS 1:59 Kipchoge Challenge

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Marc Roig talks about the INEOS 1:59 Kipchoge Challenge

Kipchoge, in a concentrated image
Kipchoge, in a concentrated image

It seemed that it never came, that the wait would be endless, that the “starters” that the organization had prepared would not be enough to satisfy the hunger of the main course we all had, athletics lovers or not. But the truth is that the 'INEOS 1:59 Challenge' has been able to time well, go offering cachitos, dismembering all the ins and outs that form all this madness in what has become Eliud Kipchoge's challenge of getting off the two Marathon hours.

Kipchoge, in Vienna since Monday

Vienna, capital of Austria, is the city chosen to "attack" something that human beings have not yet achieved. In any case, it will not be among the official records because it will not be approved, but it is certainly a roof that man has never exceeded and that has turned the world of athletics upside down. The Kenyan, who is already in the Austrian capital, has a spectacular cast of hares among which are Korir, Kiplimo, Centrowitz, the Ingebrigtsen, Barega, Musgala or Lomong brothers.

All perfectly studied so that the African athlete predictably attacks on Saturday from 5am his biggest challenge. Kipchoge has won nine of the 10 marathons he has run, but in this case it will not compete against any adversary, but against a chrono that will be harder even if it fits. At 34 years of age and having won virtually everything that could be won by a marathoner, Eliud has been preparing a challenge for months in which hundreds of people have intervened.

About the state of the Kenyan, especially the event and the real options to achieve this, we chat with Marc Roig, a resident of Eldoret (Kenya), one of the physiotherapists of Kipchoge and fellow runner of the world record holder.

How does Eliud get to the appointment?

“He arrives in top form, the training he has been doing is very good. There has been no change regarding the preparation for other marathons. ”

Were you surprised I tried the challenge again?

“I was surprised. He had already tried it with Breaking2 and thought that he would never address it again, that his calendar would focus on marathons and the Tokyo Olympics. I liked his courage because it is not an easy projectHe is very daring and knows that he may not get it for a second time even though I think he will succeed. Again he puts himself before a stopwatch and I think he is very brave. ”

What feelings do you have before the appointment? You'll make it?

“It is a cluster of everything. I have some security, almost certainty and faith that he will get it, but do not stop flying some butterflies in the stomach. That I think that he will achieve it does not mean that the challenge is a little easier because it will not be. But I trust it. ”

Why Vienna, why this circuit, this time of year ...?

“Vienna because they managed to find a favorable path for the challenge. A completely flat terrain, a fairly predictable weather (it must be known that in October they will be quite predictable days), after it has low altitude, that the wind does not blow, etc. All these factors have made it the chosen city. ”

"With the conditions of the Doha marathon, for example, I think it would be very difficult for Eliud to achieve it.. The performance decreases greatly from certain degrees of color. 31 degrees are many and the performance low. It seeks to minimize those external factors that would hinder a good result. All those who have run marathons if they let us choose the conditions would be those, no doubt. Between 7-12º, low humidity, no wind, etc. ”

What a cast of hares ...

“The hare at the end of course has a media section, of course, everything adds up, but in the end if they let us choose we would choose the best ones, we would throw rankings and they are the best. Then for these athletes that their name is linked in all this interests them and will be duly remunerated. Among the releases, Victor Chumo stands out, who trains with Kipchoge and said in an interview that “I would like to tell my children or my grandchildren in 30 years that I was there, that I was one of the hares.”

How is Kenya with all this?

“The atmosphere in Kenya is brutal, people are crazy. It's news. A lot is being followed, especially this last week. It has appeared every day in news and newspapers. There is more and more information on how to view it and even the most powerful telecommunications company in Kenya has said that it will make it easier for you to follow YouTube streaming without data cost. They will give it to all users so that nobody misses it. Of the 40-odd million population in Kenya, virtually 10 will be seeing it. The expectation is greater than that of the World Record in Berlin, without going any further. ”

Mathematics is not everything ...

"It all adds up. The problem is all that adds up to the paper and then carry it out in reality. Sports are not mathematics and perhaps something adds up on one side and subtracts from the other.. You have to run at 2:50 a kilometer, 14:10 every 5,000, 28:20 every 10,000 and it is not easy at all and if something fails and you start adding seconds that barrier will escape ”.

“Since Eliud is a marathoner, his seasons are very regular and he hardly places half marathons to prepare for the races. He only goes to the marathon that touches him and that's it. That means about 4 months before the specific preparation begins. It starts with a month of gym and when it finishes it moves to the training camp and the volume and intensity of the marathoner begins. ”

"I don't know if Eliud could currently get off that barrier without‘ outside help. " For example last year he thought he would beat the world record, but not therefore margin, so now the predictions don't come out. In all logic to lower 1’40 ”the mark in Berlin is too much, but with Eliud I dare not say that it is too difficult”.

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