News : Marco Reus: Maybe one for the important games after all – sport

News : Marco Reus: Maybe one for the important games after all – sport

Marco Reus’ international playing career raises so many uncertainties that it would be ideal for one of these 97 hilarious quiz shows in the evening and regional program, most of which are moderated by Alexander Bommes. Bommes would then ask, among other things, how often Reus had to postpone his debut because of injuries, colds or malaise, and how much time passed from the first nomination to the first use. But those are just the cheap questions. Everyone knows that he was invited for the first time in May 2010 and canceled for the first time, and that this program lasted until he actually made an international match 17 months later.

Bommes’ king’s puzzle, on the other hand, would be the following question: Did Marco Reus take part in the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

According to incorruptible experts, the surprising answer is: Yes, he was there, and apparently to the extent that the world Back then, in the middle of the tournament, he made a huge headline: “When the Reus rocket ignites, Germany takes off”.

Reus doesn’t win any important games – that’s the general verdict

Regrettably, this moment, in which Reus sparked off in the national team, came about in a tournament that has the same place in the memory in this country as the battle of Alesia, lost in 52 BC, in the minds of the brave Gauls (source: “Asterix und der Arvernerschild “). It may well be that Reus scored an important goal, but you don’t want to know because you don’t want to know anything about the whole tournament.

Another question that can hardly be answered would be that about Reus’ most recent appearance with the national team. The search leads to the time when national coach Joachim Löw was allegedly planning a change in his line-up. There, in autumn 2019, Reus’ track is lost, the Dortmund professional and the DFB team went their separate ways, and they didn’t seem to miss each other. Members of Löw’s staff now relatively openly expressed an opinion that was shared not only in the vastness of the country but also in the middle of Dortmund: that Reus is an excellent footballer, but a competitor with an extremely pale aura. At the latest when it came down to it, nothing was to be seen of him. Reus does not win any important games – that was the general verdict.

On Thursday evening, however, Jogi Löw was personally present when Marco Reus was instrumental in ensuring that Borussia Dortmund gave the challenger RB Leipzig a defeat like it did in Alesia, and this evening may have made the national coach thoughtful. Reus had already played very well in the previous weeks, but the appearance in Berlin had a different dimension than a Bundesliga game. In the TV interview, Löw nevertheless used the techniques that he had previously used in cases like Kevin Kuranyi or Kevin Volland: He praised the player – but just enough that he did not arouse any expectations. Reus is definitely “on the slip”, you have “an expanded squad”.

Löw is allowed to take 26 players to the European Championship, three more than usual. In addition to Reus, this also opens up a new chance for Mats Hummels to participate in the tournament, because the regulation opens up this EM squad twice: on the one hand, because Löw made his last appearance under the motto “Only the result is important” on the other because the generous mode makes it possible to take into account sudden strengths of form of players. Reus, who will soon be 32 years old, is doing it very differently this time than before: right on the deadline, he is healthy and in excellent shape. Löw revealed at the squad presentation on Wednesday whether the quiz about national player Reus will have a new chapter.

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