News : María Vicente records her name with fire in history

News :

María Vicente records her name with fire in history

María Vicente made history in Boras
María Vicente made history in Boras

In a formidable competition in the European Under-20 Championship of Boras (Sweden), Maria Vicente has beaten the record of absolute Spain of heptathlon with 6.115 points and the gold is hung after a historic 800, while Jaël Bestué took the bronze in the 100 meters.

He arrived with only three points of advantage to that last race and had much worse mark than his two rivals, the Swiss Kälin and the Irish O'Connor, but in that test she has shown that she is a chosen one, that she is on her way to the legend, has destroyed his brand and that has earned him the double prize, the national record and the gold medal.

Almost nobody believed that he could do it, but his career has been formidable, always marking his two rivals until the final moment, where he has launched a last brutal attack to hunt both and end up achieving this huge success. It reduced in six seconds its personal mark, of 800, until 2: 16.29.

Brutal javelin

Vincent has finished the job started this Thursday with three big tests in which he has performed at a great level, especially in the javelin and the aforementioned 800. In the first of them he has improved his previous record by more than five meters, reaching 44.19, a moment he celebrated in a big way and which left him in the first provisional position before the very hard 800.

Before that, it had reached 6.25 in the length, leaving some points for what she usually does in the pit. But he was waiting for the 800 to bring up all his talent and all his anger.

It finishes with 6,115 points, record of Spain, with only 18 years, and first woman who passes the barrier of 6,000. It has no ceiling.

More endings

In the 100 meters, Jaël Bestué was sensational, tempered the nerves in the final to finish third, with 11.59 only surpassed by the Italian Vittoria Fontana, gold, and the Dutch N'ketiaSeedo, both with the same time 11.40.

Arnau Monné he tried in the men's final, but his physical problems after being injured in the semifinal meant that he practically did not travel a meter of the final.

In the hammer finish, David Martín He returned to make personal best, with 72.50 meters, in the final, as he did in qualifying (71.26) demonstrating his great progression and his high level in the high competition. He finished seventh.

Erta and Jiménez, at the end of 400

This afternoon he had another clear protagonist, Bernat Erta, that has gotten into the final of 400 with the best time of all and establishing the best record of the season (46.28) of this category. Vicente Antúnez He has stayed at the doors.

In the same event, but in the female category, she has also entered the final Andrea Jiménez, thanks to a final time of 53.29, his personal mark.

Bryan Sotero, to the disc final

In addition, he has also debuted another of the great hopes of medal of the Spanish team, the discus thrower Bryan Sotero, that has gotten into the final reaching 60.18 meters on his third attempt. You will not be alone in that final, since Nicolás García, with 55.68, will also be in the grand final. Not so Víctor Faus, without options with his 54.70.

Very good feelings has shown again Enrique Llopis in the 110 meters hurdles, going to the grand final with the second fastest time of all, while his compatriots Ángel Díaz and Asier Martínez will not be able to accompany him. Also in the hurdles, but in the 400 meters, another star of the team, Sara Gallego, who has been classified with sufficiency, has shone.

Daniela García has been another of the proper names of Spanish athletics in this morning in Boras, having qualified for a very expensive final of 800 meters, something that Raquel Meaños has not been able to do.

They will also be in the final Vicente Viciosa and Pedro García in the 3,000 meters obstacles. And you should not have problems Gema Martí in the female hammer, since it has thrown 60.47 and although 61 meters were requested to be in the end, the normal thing is that it strains between the twelve better ones.

In the 3,000 meters female, great benefit of Elia Saura, fifth in the second series, with a time of 930.94, pass for the final, with personal best.

Some eliminations

On the other hand, there has been no luck in the women's pole, where the three Spanish participants have been fired, as has happened in the 800 men with the two national athletes. Nor has it been able to advance Javier Sánchez in the 400 meters hurdles, being eliminated by just one post.

Same luck have run Pablo López and Pablo Velasco in the classification of the height, which have not been able to pass 2.05 and will not be in that final.

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