News : María Vicente, Spain record of heptathlon Sub20

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María Vicente, Spain record of heptathlon Sub20

María Vicente, at the Götzis Meeting / RFEA
María Vicente, at the Götzis Meeting / RFEA

The Barcelonian María Vicente, 18, finished the heptathlon of the Götzis combined meeting (Austria) with a sum of 5,900 points - record of Spain sub 20 - that puts him second in the Spanish ranking of all time, 5 points of the absolute national record of Carmen Ramos from Castellón.

The youth world champion had closed the first day with 3,510, way to beat the absolute national record with partial 13.62 in 100 m hurdles (personal brand), 1.71 in height, 11.60 in weight and 24.06 in 200 meters. His first day's harvest, which placed him in 22nd place, was 65 superior to that obtained by Carmen Ramos on the day of the record.

Carmen Ramos reappears after one year injured

In all three disciplines on Sunday, Maria jumped 6.31 in length, threw 39.66 meters in her debut with the senior javelin and ran faster than ever the 800 (2: 22.99). Finished ranked 22nd.

Carmen Ramos, who had finished the first day in 30th place with 3,041 points, finished the contest with a total of 5,196 points, in the 25th place, in his reappearance after being almost a year injured.

The victory, with 6,813 points, was for the British Katarina Johnson-Thompson, world and European champion of pentathlon (the female combined indoor track), ahead of the Latvian Laura Ikauniece (6,476) and the Hungarian Xenia Kriszan (6,469) .

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