News : Mario García Romo makes history at the NCAA college championships

News : Mario García Romo makes history at the NCAA college championships

García Romo continues to make history in the United States

A few weeks ago we praised what he is doing in the United States. Mario García Romo, who studies and runs for the University of Mississippi, achieved managed to improve his personal mark of 3,000 smooths in no more and no less than 17 seconds. He stopped the clock at 7:48:40, a minimum for the European Championship in Torun, a record from the University of Mississippi and a record for Castilla y León under 23. The man from Salamanca was fourth in the Arkansas Razorback Invite in Fayetteville.

Well, in a frenetic weekend for American athletics with the dispute of the prestigious NCAA (college) championships, the Spaniard once again put his name among the most prominent of a cast of athletes that represents the future not only of the United States, but of many countries around the world that have long seen how athletes (and athletes of all disciplines, go) go to a country that offers unbeatable facilities to study and practice sports.

Silver, bronze … and the cross

What we were going to. García Romo achieved the silver medal on Friday in the mile event with a mark of 3:53. Just 24 hours later, the Salamanca native was wearing his university shirt again to participate in the 3,000 meter dash. And he was on the verge of improving his personal record in the distance. Did 7:48:59. Considering it was a championship race, which tend to be more tactical, it is quite a feat. And, in addition, he added another medal for his record and that of his university. In this case of bronze. Another Spaniard, Antonio López Segura, in his case running through Virginia Tech University, was ninth with 7:55:87.

This Monday García Romo will complete his particular trident in the NCAA Championships with the cross test. Be careful not to add another metal to that spectacular record …

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