News : Mario Götze lets BVB wriggle because of contract renewal – fans are angry

News :

Mario Götze lets BVB wriggle because of contract renewal - fans are angry

Future unclear: Is Mario Götze "ungrateful"? BVB fans angry because he hesitates to extend the contract

Mario Götze splits the fans of Borussia Dortmund. When he felt bad, BVB picked him up again. When it comes to the extension of his expiring contract in Dortmund, Götze leaves the black and yellow but wriggle. Is that "ungrateful"?

"If you let the club, which has never let you down in your hardest time, fidgets, then you are one thing above all else: Ungrateful.", Writes BVB fan DonTuppi1909 on Twitter, referring to the contract negotiations between Borussia Dortmund and Mario Idol - or rather: the non-negotiation.

While Götze is currently still a popular autograph and photo object for many fans, Don Tuppi gets a lot of encouragement from other supporters with black and yellow hearts for his opinion on the net. Those hearts that still bear the scars that their darling gave them on their first departure.

In 2013, Götze went to the hated rival in the south and shot just a few months later, just in his sporting home an important goal in the unfamiliar red jersey.

Three years later he returned with humility to the Ruhr. At Bayern, the 27-year-old never made the breakthrough - even the goal in the 2014 World Cup final did not help him. In Dortmund, however, they resumed their lost son with open arms.

Further setbacks in Dortmund

Since time immemorial, not always everything runs optimally. A metabolic disorder diagnosed in 2017 inhibited the sensitive footballer. Götze was as good as deregistered for almost a year. "It was a very frustrating time," he revealed in the 2018 documentary "Being Mario Götze".

This time is over now. In the past second round convinced the Edeltechniker the last doubters in the gruff Ruhrgebietsstadt. He made himself indispensable in a sporting crisis of the team, took in the absence of the injured captain Marco Reus even phased the bandage on his arm.

Actually, nothing stood in the way of an extension of the contract expiring next year, which was still considered a formality in May. But Götze hesitates, or: he lets the BVB "fidget".

"Totally relaxed"

Opposite the "picture" Götze tells that "the one or the other conversation" took place, but at the same time speaks openly from abroad: "I am now going into my tenth Bundesliga season - so it is logical that the foreign countries in the reflections sometimes As a footballer, you have the privilege of working in almost every country in the world. " He was in every way "totally relaxed".

Whether negotiating tactics or truth - Götze puts his club in a difficult position. If he was to make a departure soon, Borussia would receive relatively little money in the winter and no money the following summer.

But is that "ungrateful"? Götze wants to prove his worth this season, after all, his bosses want to reduce the current salary of up to 10 million euros per year. But he also wants to see where his place in the squad of coach Lucien Favre is.

Last season, he often found himself only in the stands at the beginning, had to play back with a lot of discipline back in Favres favor. Now the club has vigorously upgraded its position.

With Julian Brandt and Thorgan Hazard two newcomers in an already well-stocked offensive Götze want to dispute the season. And if he has learned something in his time in Munich, then he just wants to play.

Götz hesitation is understandable, but difficult to understand for the emotional BVB fans.

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